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Just up the lane, about two blocks
from the beach, hides an alley,
dark and foreboding. By day,
you'd no doubt walk right by, eyes
forward, as you follow sea-green scents
to the shore where flocks of gulls
frolic above the frothy surf,
and pewter sands warm in the sun.

Enjoy the surf, but at dusk, best gather yourself
and head home. The sea is eternal; she can afford to
squander time that you don't have to waste. As you
make your way back, eyes forward, make haste
past the alley that hides two blocks up.
Deep within its intractable darkness, in a box
just large enough to accommodate, lies Evil,
its immortal heart beating in anticipation of night, and you.


I'm participating in Wordle 54 on The Sunday Whirl. The challenge is to write a piece using the words below, taken from Blackberry by Sylvia Plath.

This is also linked in at dVerse Poetics - Vampires.


  1. nice...things can change quite a bit when the sun goes down..and really...i'm glad i'm already at home and don't have to leave the house anymore in the dark now...think i would expect something dark behind every bend...smiles..nicely played patti

  2. nice, from the joy of the see "frolic above the frothy surf" to the evil lurking in a back alley. Nicely wordled.

  3. bwahaha....smiles...The sea is eternal; she can afford to
    squander time that you don't have to waste...nice touch....and the darkness always lies in wait...smiles.

  4. Oh. My. God. I just finished commenting to someone on the dverse sight that Max Schreck's Nosferatu freaked me out, even does today, and who is on your page? Yikes!

    Very effective portrayal of the vampire, "in a box large enough to accommodate..." Chills! Amy

  5. Yes, the most unassuming things in the light oddly can take the guise of something much darker at night. This has the feel of a prelude to a tale where a traveller makes light of such a warning, only to find he should have listened.

  6. I love love your second stanza...the sea is eternal and at the night, evil lurks...shivers ~

  7. I sense Pandora at play, and love that connection.

  8. Sometimes I look at those little, slightly hidden places too, and wonder what secrets they hold...

  9. This was really creepy, and I mean that in a good way. Great response to both prompts.

  10. Oooh! Love the contrast of day and night in this. I also like the repetition of "hides," "about two blocks" and "eyes forward." Gives it a formal, Poe-like tone. Great piece!

  11. There is always something lurking in the dark. Well woven and good use of the wordle words.


  12. I love "sea-green scents" and all the alliteration in the first stanza - and then where the poem goes in the second stanza: deliciously dark. I like how you return to the sea and how "she can afford to / squander time". Great use of the wordle words. Welcome to the Sunday Whirl. It was good to see you there.


  13. OMG -- the second stanza evokes such imagery in my senses ... YIKES!!!
    Well done!

  14. "make your way back, eyes forward" - that's the line that scared me the most. Don't look back. Don't ever look back. Fabulously creepy!


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