My fall from grace was 
unexpected.It hurt like the 
devil; I can tell you that.
With the flick of a finger
and careless aim, you sent me
flying from the promised land
like an inconvenient crumb
sullying the surface of your life.

Through no fault of my own,
penance paid or so it seemed,
redemption came today.
Angels sang and golden
rays shone from the heavens
as, with nary a trumpet, the 
pearly gates cracked open 
with the dawn. Hallelujah.

Once again, I was saved.
Or was it doomed? Because 
then I discovered you wanted  
something. Figures.


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big feet, big butt,
bigger mouth, 
that's what he said.
that's OK, I told him.
I've got a good under-
standing, a well-seated
position, and the ability
to make my opinion heard.


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Bird on the Run

I taught them how to read and write.

I showed them how to spell.

I helped them count from one to ten,

  And sang to them as well.


Romney says my goose is cooked,

My time has come and gone.

I guess it’s time to fly the coop.

Kids, I think you're on your own.

(Source: AP Photo)


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The Toy Box

a far way back and too long ago

I remember a time when

you were totally there

life was a toy box

filled with 



you’re just 

there. time passes

unaware. life continues

but the toys and games are 

gone and the box stands bereft


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A Place

(Photo by Danny Ouellet
Source:  Stockvault)

There's a place at edge of light
Where thin the line 'tween day and night
Where nightmares wait just out of sight
And sunshine turns to dark.

There's a place in black of night
Where safety fades, replaced with fright
Where nightmares come with dad's goodnight
And childhood life departs.

There's a place above the deep
Where ere I jump, I stand and weep
And pray the lord my soul to keep
From this body torn apart.

There's a place where nightmares dwell
Where witches cackle and conjure spells
Where demons dance, escaped from hell
And hate pervades the heart.


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Breakfast Under the Tum-Tum Tree

  Illustration from The Jabberwocky
by Lewis Carroll 1871

‘Twas brillig and the slithy toves did…

Oh, crap, who am I kidding?
‘Twasn’t brillig at all, not
on this very un-frabjous day, and
there is not one freaking slithy tove in sight.

Instead what's here is this giant bandersnatch
who galumphed in from the wabe
with no interest at all in the gyre and gimble
and one hell of a frumious appetite.

You thought the Jabberwock was bad?
Oh, man, you have no idea. The only uffish thought
this Bandersnatch has is – one two! one-two! – how to
ruin my day and steal my callooh, callay away.

Not today, big boy. I’m going back to bed.


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