Bird on the Run

I taught them how to read and write.

I showed them how to spell.

I helped them count from one to ten,

  And sang to them as well.


Romney says my goose is cooked,

My time has come and gone.

I guess it’s time to fly the coop.

Kids, I think you're on your own.

(Source: AP Photo)


Linked to Friday Flash 55, hosted by G-Man at Mr. KnowItAll.


  1. Patti....
    How I love it when you play.
    I know you'll always come up with something smart and edgy.
    Loved your politico 55
    Thanks for playing, it always makes my heart soar.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. smiles....i hope our childhood prevails over the man who would be king...

  3. Oh dear, I hope not!! Well done Patti!

  4. There were many times over the years that I considered flying to coop, at least for a little while. Now the kids are stretching their wings, and I already know I'll miss them.

  5. Ha ha. But I think Big Bird will continue to fly without our help. His merchandise alone (and SS's) could pay the Government's portion probably 10 times over!

    His "goose" won't ever be cooked (unless China decides to do it - as they practically own him!)

    And Brian... He wants to be President, not King ;P

  6. ...and I meant all I said in fun. Three weeks to go...

  7. nice. I guess education isn't a concern to the right, at any level. America in twenty years is going to be the stupidest country on the planet.

  8. Ha! Very cute! Your rhyme and story are a lot of fun (sad too) but fun! k.

  9. Hhaahha.... poor Big bird..his Goose will be cooked... lol
    Laughing at the comments as much as your post.
    Thank goodness it will all be over then, apart from all the blame games which follow endlessly, until the next election.
    Great 55 :)

  10. I hope nobodies goose is cooked yet! It is barely Halloween-please politicians
    go take a cold and lonely shower; then go back to real work for the real people... *Sigh*

  11. But...but his feathers are increasing the deficit!

    Love your attitude, and your 55.

  12. Great rhyme scheme there Patti. Should prove to be interesting how your elections turn out.


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