Taking Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge seems like a good place let the muses out to play. The word "falter" is the prompt of this week's challenge, and after some faltering themselves, this is what my muses came up with.

Falter? Who wouldn’t?

Watching her fight the biggest challenge of her life, I decided (with great pride, I admit) she was by far the strongest woman I had ever known. Oh, it’s not that she didn’t occasionally falter. She certainly did. Who wouldn’t? Breast cancer, at 33 years old, while pregnant? That would be enough to knock anyone down. But surely the truest measure is whether one gets back up and forges on. And that she did, with such grace and aplomb, it took my breath away.

Three years past it now, she’ll defiantly tell you, “I had cancer. Cancer didn’t have me!”