A Place

(Photo by Danny Ouellet
Source:  Stockvault)

There's a place at edge of light
Where thin the line 'tween day and night
Where nightmares wait just out of sight
And sunshine turns to dark.

There's a place in black of night
Where safety fades, replaced with fright
Where nightmares come with dad's goodnight
And childhood life departs.

There's a place above the deep
Where ere I jump, I stand and weep
And pray the lord my soul to keep
From this body torn apart.

There's a place where nightmares dwell
Where witches cackle and conjure spells
Where demons dance, escaped from hell
And hate pervades the heart.


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  1. damn, you are trying to make sure i dont sleep tonight arent you...shivers...the rhythm is as haunting as the images...something sinister this way comes....smiles.

  2. Nice write! There is a place....

  3. Very Halloween-esque, creepy and spine-tingling.

  4. ooh, so chilling... i know this place. fabulous cadence.

  5. Well, this certainly gets me in the Halloween mood. Loved the way you worked so effectively with rhyme.

  6. This is perfect for Haunting Halloween ~ It's creepy,yikes ~

  7. The rhyming is flawless, and talk about mood and atmosphere. I had to turn on an extra light! Well done, kiddo.

  8. Well, I'll sleep with the radio on (softly) tonight. Patti, this sounds as if you've been there. Maybe all have, to an extent.

    Your words come close to perfection, Patti!

  9. I agree, chilling and perfectly executed.

  10. Yes, chilling - perfect for the upcoming holiday.

  11. Rhyme, diction, cadence and mood are all spot on, Patti. You did yourself proud with this one, along the lines of James Whitcomb Riley's 'Little Orphant Annie.'

  12. Haunting and sad. I felt as though it was an account from the heart of an abused child.

  13. oh my goodness...this gave me shivers...and i'm glad it's morning and the sun's about to rise soon..

  14. This is the stuff of real nightmares. The type I used to have.
    A very effective, scary read.

  15. Nightmares..incorporated into rhyme..the basis of fears some real, some imagined - tales of truth told through the ages, warnings to all. So well delivered here in your chilling verse.

  16. Very scary! your rhyme and cadence add significantly to the mood of this poem. Well done!

  17. All I can think is that whenever I go somewhere in a dark room, I can feel the creepy feeling of someone watching me. It's really scary.

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  18. That is perfect Patti. I love the flow and rhyme of it. You paint a dark picture that I had to read aloud to give more strength to.

  19. Scary but perfect write - we all have our dark places and generally are more aware of them when night falls...

    Anna :o]

  20. Patti, your work has a dark touch to it these days...not a bad thing btw


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