Friday Flash 55: New Improved Model

(Image from here)

She’d always wanted to be a mother. Several of her friends had already been blessed with babies, all of them adorable. She was jealous at first, until she heard about sleepless nights and poopy diapers.

The she found the solution. Her baby Lauren was everything she could want: cute, cuddly, clean, and totally fake.



Ripped from the headlines for G-Man's Friday Flash 55

Lifelike "Reborn Baby Dolls."  It's a new craze, ap-parent-ly. Read about it here, then go check out the prices on eBay. Yikes! But, hey, they're still cheaper than the real thing.


  1. sue ann who visits me makes some of the most life like babies...its crazy...seriously getting rid of the diapers was def key

  2. CREEPY!!!!
    I saw the news clip on TV
    Chicks carry them around in carriers
    But it sure is inspirational for you
    Loved your 55 Pattycake
    Its so Fantastic to have youback.....:-)
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week End

  3. But if it's just a doll, you don't get the joy of watching them grow out of their phases. Then again, I'm STILL not getting enough sleep, though now it's because they tend to be out with their friends all nigh.

  4. I know a few women who would be happy with their own Baby Lauren, that or a puppy.

  5. Some of these dolls nowadays look very real. Sometimes we see older women at the airport with dolls. That's just plain wierd. Get a dog for godsake!

  6. I do little creatures- orphan goats
    dogs, cats- who ever needs food and shelter....

  7. I have not heard of these dolls. Like g-man and Yvonne, I find this creepy and weird, but at least there is no harm in it.

  8. Heheh - And no babysitters required!

  9. They look like real babies, but nearly two thousand dollars for a doll! Holy Pacifiers, that's a bit steep. And a little bizarre. What's the world coming to, Patti?

  10. Well, this is the first I have heard of them, and it is creepy how lifelike that thing is. I was never into dolls as a kid so I sure as hell am not interested now! I will, however, follow your link to further creep myself out!


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