The Stone

Once, in hallways of marble cold and dank, echoes sang the call of fear. Darkness spoke of death, and in shadows near passed wisps of souls of those who walk the halls no more.

Find the Stone, the wizards knew, decode its secret lore.  From the stone great wisdom comes, its mystery to unfold.  Light eternal will be yours and darkness be no more.

The Stone contained the secret, but hard to find it was.  It hid cloaked in diagrams and symbols and tangled threads and whispers drifting from beyond.

The legend told, beware the flame and ocean’s depth, for they the strongest are. But earth and smoke support the craft  when used with skill, and can convert the dirt to gold.

The alchymist toiled long and hard, stirring, sipping, adding more, as Panacea he would brew, a broth to stave off ills and age, to ensure eternal youth.

Thus long he stirred, his iron spoon swirling the Stone’s milk 'round the flask, when lo! The spoon began to change.  Its ore, you see, was born of ground, and its heart was made of gold.

The Alchymist, In Search of the Philosophers' Stone
Joseph Wright of Derby, 1771.




  1. Ah, the search for the Elixir. And very well told.

  2. I could have kept on reading more of this story, Patti. Nicely done One Shot :)

  3. Very nice. It draws you in & telly you a story!

  4. excellent one shot...love how you spun the tale...now can you tell me just how to make gold...smiles. its in your words of course...nice one shot!

  5. sorry to say, but I was more in mind of Yoda as I read along Patti. YOu do spin a tale of gold though

  6. I love the tale and read so wonderfully...nice one shot...bkm

  7. Love reading tales like this one. Left me wanting to read more. Well written. cheers, Patti!

  8. I'm caught in the magic of it all. I see into this world you have created. I am thirsting for more.Ah maybe it is the lure of the spoon

    What a finely crafted tale my dear a One Shot Special (hopefully to be cont.)

    Moonie smiles for a dear friend

  9. Oh, I wanted this to go on and on...it was lovely and magical and mesmerizing. Loved it!

  10. You took me into the tale, first time i have read anyone around liking Alchemy stories so am glad you wrote this one. Beautifully told dear Patti and i wish there was a continuation.

  11. A magical spin. Most engaging ... you do have the gift, Patti ...

  12. Anthony: Thank you so much, my friend.

    Tracy: Thank you. Who knows, the "alchymist" may have more to say.

    tuberider: Thank you. And thanks for visiting. I hope you'll come again.

    Brian: Oh, silly man, you make gold every time you put words to paper (screen?). You don't need no stinkin' alchemist!

    kkrige: Yoda, huh? Well, that's not a bad thing. He is a really cute dude. ;-)

    bkm: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

    Dustus: Thank you.

    MDW: Or the lure of the gold... Thanks, Girlfriend.

    Talon: Thank you. I like mesmerizing!

    Wild Rose: I am fascinated by the whole alchemy thing. In many ways, it is the genesis of modern chemistry.

    Jamie: That's so nice of you to say. Thank you!

    gautami: Thank you.

  13. I LOVE Alchemy stories!
    You just don't see them everyday ya know!
    You Rock Patti.....G

  14. Like Yoda's speech some of these lines are! (LOL)

    I dig any piece that mentions Panacea!

    Nice One Shot, PK!

  15. So mystical. I now realize I don't know the history behind Alchemy...I'm off to do a little research. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  16. I loved this dear, all kinds of writing of this kind appeals to me, bravo and thank you for visiting me and your nice comments xx

  17. the alchemyst and the stone - so mysterious - i have to read this book "the alchemyst" we were talking just lately about it

  18. This read like a riddle of old. Wonderful and mystical.

  19. G-Man: That's probably a good thing. ;-)

    Eric: Happy I am that my piece you dig.

    CM: Thanks for coming. Come again.

    William: Thank you, my friend.

    Claudia: The whole alchemy thing is a little mysterious. Or just plain crazy.

    Nessa: A riddle. Now there's an idea... Thank you.

    Mama Zen: Excellent. Thank you.

  20. A beautifully told tale with an uplifting ending. Love it!

  21. Belinda: Thank you. I'm glad you stopped by. Come again!

  22. Ah, the story of science. Looking for one thing and finding another.

  23. great writing. I love the story.

    thanks for visiting my blog and going through my different post. Your comments are highly appreciated. :)


  24. AA: And for that, we can all be grateful. Thanks for coming!

    Gabi: Thank you for coming and for you comment. I would still be at your blog wandering through the past if life didn't insist on interrupting. but I'll be back. I love your writing.

  25. Very well done... enjoyed reading it so much... thanks for sharing...

    wonder who : gives the right
    to you to decide
    what should be erased : from MY life


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