Beware the Venom Within

Comments on a poem of tragedy and tears are called funny and clever in words of praise, 
When what the poet used were words full of loss and heartache.

Posted words often inappropriate, simplistic, and just plain odd, but because most are kind, 
Folks said thanks, even though these comments of fluff and flowers often felt so incredibly fake.

“Look at me, see me, applaud me, think me special,” every gesture seemed to say.  
“Come and visit, and we’ll all play.  Rally ‘round me, and I’ll reward you. Being here is all it takes.”

Maybe it’s culture, language or upbringing. Benefit of the doubt may be deserved. 
But understanding ends right here and right now when the gentle soul of a dear friend is at stake.  

Be careful with your kindness, fellow writers.  See cyber-stalkers for what they are.   
Don’t encourage; it might come back to bite you. It could be your soul that draws the snake.


  1. How very, very right you are, Patti. It's always hardest when the snake is in your pocket the whole time, chatting you up, flashing shiny scales and blogger awards. It's tough to turn down accolades, even when they're slightly tarnished.

    There's just no cultural excuse, though, for emailing a man with vulgar suggestions, blatant and unwarranted attempts at seduction and refusing to acknowledge his "NO.".

    Enough is enough.

    Thanks for taking a stand, for channeling your inner mongoose. In this case, the frog gets eaten by the mongoose, I'm thinkin'...

  2. I remember that happening to me before too. Not online, but in person. I wrote a poem filled with pain and hurt and my peers who I showed it to giggled and laughed. They saw the "sex" instead of the "rape". It was awful. :-(

  3. It's surprising how insensitive people can be, either online or in person.

    Plus, I don't think people read things thoroughly anymore. I call it the texttwritterization of America.

  4. Ti: The frog (aka toad) need have no fear, as this particular mongoose is really fond of that particular toad. The snake, on the other hand is at great risk.

    Mama Z: Thank you. It's incredible that anything need be said at all.

    Tari: It takes a brave soul to write honest poetry and lay bare true feelings. Sadly, some people either don't bother even trying to understand or just can't resist trampling. I'm sorry that happened to you.

    Goddess: Great word, that.

    Somewhere in my rational mind is a suspicion that there is a clinical flaw at the root of such insensitivity. But my emotional mind say that's just not an acceptable excuse.

  5. Hey, Toad! Mwah. And I mean that in a good way. ;-)

  6. So many do not understand. Don't want or care to understand. Ignorance is bliss, until the snake bites you. How do we stop the phone from Jingle-ing Patti? How do we make people care, really and truly?

  7. Well put and we should be aware of cyber bullies. Well is there a way we can really beat them up lol for all the crap they put others through??

  8. kkrige & Wild Rose: I guess the only thing we can do to fight this sort of thing is to just shout NO in as loud a cyber-voice as we can muster. The reverberation of the many NOs shouted this time was no doubt heard round the world. Personally, my best defense with this one is to stay out of that particular sandbox.

  9. Need I say it again? Spam filters, people! You don't have to abandon the blogosphere to get away from a stalker. Pull the snake's teeth buy blocking the words. And don't give her your home address.

    And that business about fake comments, right on!

  10. Bravo!, Patti, Bravo!

    I've never been cyber-stalked as far as I know, but I am vexed by thoughtless, and obviously patronizing comments on my work. For example, I wrote a heart breaking poem recently and the comment was..."Cute...", go figure :)
    Thank you, My Friend

  11. AA: You said it, girlfriend!

    Tracy: For the most part, the bloggers who people our little corner of the blogosphere are amazing, and so supportive. But obviously,not everyone is. As I said in a reply above, my defense is to stay out of that sandbox. I know it is a popular one, but I have more than enough outlets for my words.

    (But, hey, you are kinda cute...)

  12. Hey, sexy... whachoo doin' later? ;)

  13. you gotta watch out for the likes of that Jeff guy he can write his way out of any box.

    Patti - way to go woman. That was such a "cute" blog today - Not!!!

    I heard from one person that said if we don't take a stand we could be next.

    That Toad has been on a wild ride.

    Thanks!!! Great pic

  14. Jeff: Tee hee.

    Moon: Oh, not to worry, I've got his number.

    Yeah, poor Mr. Toad. I know he is gratified by how many have "got his back." Hopefully, now that the snake's out of the bag (to horribly mix the metaphor), it will stop.


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