100-Word Challenge: The Corporate Lamp Standard

Suffering terrible headaches from the flickering overhead neon lights in her office, she asked a co-worker where she’d gotten attractive table lamp on her desk. 

“It’s in the supply catalog. Just order one.”

She completed the order request and submitted it.

Late one afternoon, a man with a clipboard appeared at her office door. 

“I’m from Facilities,” he said. “Did you order a lamp?”

‘Yes! Are you delivering it?”

“No, sorry. Rotten luck! That lamp doesn’t meet our Corporate Lamp Standard.”

“Well, what would meet the standard?” she asked.

“I don’t know. We haven’t set it yet.”


True story.

This is my offering for the 100-Word Challenge, hosted by Velvet Verbosity.  The prompt this week "rotten."


  1. yep that sounds like corporate policy lol...have a great weekend patti...

  2. Perfect description why working for a large corporation eats your soul. Good job!

  3. Yes...rotten luck but typical in the corporate world.

  4. ridiculous. how typical of the corporate world huh?!

  5. "I don't know. We haven't set it yet."

    Gah! Ridiculousness.

  6. Oh, my, gosh. This sounds too familiar from all those years I spent in the corporate world. Love it.

  7. Whatever the standard is going to be, this definitely doesn't meet it! HA!



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