A Muse Suffers Indigestion

Hours, stuffed with minutes, 
Are plumb with to-do lists.

Minutes feel engorged, 
Seconds backing up like yesterday’s onions.

Seconds have no space left, 
Gobbling run amok.

I am suffering the gluttony the muse enjoys. 
She needs to stop her wretched excess.

"But  I like G-Man’s buffet. 
It’s only 55 morsels more. How could it hurt?"


As is obvious, this is my offering for G-Man's Friday Flash 55.


  1. It couldn't hurt at all :-)
    Enjoyed your feast.

  2. Prilosec is my middle name BABY!
    I'm glad you decided to take a bite of the 55 apple.
    I just can't imagine you with heartburn Patti.
    But thanks for this acidic story, You Rock the Old Country Buffet Baby!!!
    have a Kick Ass and Belch Free Week-End!

  3. But they're DIET words, PK... no calories! (LOL!)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. If you sample the buffet and no one is looking... doesn't that cancel out the calories? :) Happy Friday, Patti.

  5. hehehe..only 55ve morsels more. That could give an army , indigestion!

  6. This is such a wonderful analogy, the 55 buffet certainly is irresistible :)

  7. Tums always helps when i am feeling bloated, but the chalky taste kinda stinks...

  8. I really like the way you equated business with gluttony. I must stop sinning. ;)

  9. You have certainly provided us with a 55 Feast! No indigestion from your offer, either.

  10. My goodness,
    what a divine piece.
    i missed it.
    Glad to come cross it!


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