160: The Golden Glow of Morning

Golden tea steaming
In a daisy-strewn cup
Golden sunlight spilling
Like syrup across the garden
Goldenrod waving in the field behind

oh no


This was written for Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man. if you've got something to say in 160 characters pay him a visit.


  1. aachoo,

    u make me smile like a crocodile...
    beautiful and laughing 160.
    Way to go!

  2. Charming 160, tranquil and very beautifully written. Your poetry is a delight.

  3. I guess my comment didn't save.

    Very sweet and tranquil ... for a moment.


  4. haha...playful finish to your golden morning...hopefully you had a tissue so it did not get even more golden...smiles.

    nice 160

  5. Such a fun lilting poem....then AchooO. Love your ending. Thanks for being such a loyal participant in my Sunday 160. Great stuff.

  6. Lovely poem.
    Lovely morning.
    Lovely Sunday,
    Back to 90 degrees tomorrow!

  7. Jingle: I'm loving the image of you smiling like a crocodile. Thanks for coming.

    Sam: Thank you! I appreciate that.

    Nessa Brian & MM: Sadly, this was totally true, with not a word of fiction to it. The pile of tissues beside my chair is testimony. I went out in the yard and took the photo this morning, and when I returned my eyes were tearing so much I could hardly see. Allergies! Arrgghh!

    P.S Brian: You were #5. Sleep in this morning? ;-)

    Charlene: Thank you. I hope you get a nice cooling visit from autumn soon.

  8. As soon as I saw the word "goldenrod" I knew what was coming.

  9. I know the aaachoo attacks all too well. Unfortunately.

  10. Thankfully I am not allergic, your poem was delightful, was able to enjoy every bit of reminisce in my mind without sneezing once.

    Lovely 160 as always,,,divine writing.


  11. Janice, you know you have my sympathy. Today is better, thank heavens.

    Joanny, you are a lucky lady. How great to not be attacked by your nose.

    gautami tripathy, thank you from coming and for your nice comment.

  12. Perfect ending to a beautiful morning. Can't wait til the pollen is gone but not looking forward to what lies over the next hill.


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