A Moon By Any Other Name

Tonight the glorious full moon smiles,
And shines on everyone with a gleam in her eyes.
She’s gone by many names throughout time, you know,
But no matter what you call her, please say hello.

Harvest Moon to early American Colonials.
Kindly Moon to Chinese now and back then.
Nut Moon if you happen to be Cherokee.
Mulberry Moon is what the Choctaw see.

Blood Moon to Medieval English of yore.
Blood Moon to Neo-Pagans in their September lore.
Singing Moon to the Celtics when she shone in the fall.
But the Dakota Sioux call her by my favorite name of all.

So I look up in the sky at her face so fair
And pay my respects to the Moon When Calves Grow Hair.


I dedicate this to my friend Moondustwriter, who makes both days and nights brighter here in cyberspace.


  1. I think I am the blonde moon - ha

    Patti the moon has been beautiful and you my friend are beautiful
    even when the moon is not out

    Love (who else) the Moon

  2. I totally enjoyed this Patti..so sweet dedication for a wonderful moon..who lightens up all our streams..:)
    lots of love for both of you..hugs from the Desert Rose..:)

  3. Well deserved tribute..
    To an extraordinarily gifted talent!
    You And the Moon ROCKS!!!

  4. awww...moon is amazing...she is an amazing soul and great friend...the moon when calves grow hair...smiles. thank you patti for honoring her...

  5. So for ages we humans have seen and been inspired by the same moon. Thanks for writing about our mutual fascination.

  6. awe that was very nice, beautifully written xxx

  7. I love this. Having said that, though, I was reminded after a little thought of a terrible movie called "Moon Over Parador" from 1988. I have no idea why.

    Excuse me. I have to go grow some hair.

  8. The Moon shines in the night sky 24hrs a day.

  9. This is a wonderful tribute to the moon! And I love the many names she's had over the centuries. Brilliant! :)

  10. Thank you for your visit, everyone. We all bask in the warm glow of the Moon, and I'm glad you all joined me in saying thank you!

  11. Ah...! Such a beautiful tribute to the moon Patti and i love the fact that every part or group of people on earth have a name for it just to worship her. Beautiful image and video :)

  12. I enjoyed the poem, Patti :) and it was an education at the same time. I love the moon. I give her credit for wonderful joys, and then blame her for heartaches too, but I'm a poet of fickle Love.

  13. Wild Rose and Tracy: The moon is magical. It's no wonder so many revere it. Thank you for your kind words.

    And, Tracy? Yeah, you are. ;-)

  14. Thanks so much for writing this Patti, she sure is a special Lady and I love her so :)


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