160: I'm Still Standing

I’ve lived long
Loved Summer’s bake
Laughed at Winter’s chill.
Time flakes years
Off my rusty face
Yet cannot touch my will.

And so
My iron heart
Time can never still.

This is my entry in Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man.


  1. What a wonderful 160. The words match the picture so well and they also describe how I feel perfectly, just old (except my face isn't actually rusty...yet).

  2. I liked that picture too! And your 160 is perfect!

    something fishy

  3. The last stanza is perfect, simply perfect. That on its own could make a wonderful poem. Great 160!

  4. f82bfat: thanks for coming. My face isn't rusty, but the joints sure are!

    gautami: Thank you for coming, and for your nice comment as well

    Sam: How nice you are to say that. Thank you. Somehow, I related to that old safe.

  5. Well, time will eventually get us all, but you and your safe certainly take a solid stance against it. Thinking of Summer's warmth makes me want to put my hands on the top of the safe and soak it up.

  6. I especially liked the second stanza... loved your 160

  7. what an amazing 160.
    love it so very much!

    keep shining!

  8. Your 160 was written so well. Perfect picture and words to match.


  9. I love this! It's an uplifting take on the gift of living a long and full life. Thank you. I needed that.

  10. time has a way of wearing away at us...to say we are standing still is quite the thing...nice write...nice 160

    my 160

  11. Wonderful 160. And we're still standing!

  12. oh - how beautiful - and now this song came to my mind….i'm still standing - yeah - yeah - yeah….

  13. Patti:

    Love the old safe, and the apt description you used. There is an "arrested decay" beauty about it and your poem describes it well.


  14. AA: The top of that safe was indeed warm to the touch. I loved the beauty of it shining through all the rust.

    gospelwritier: Thank you for visiting and your kind comments.

    Jingle: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

    Lou: We'll never let a little rust stop us. Mwah!

    Prayer Girl: Thank you. The picture totally inspired this 160.

    City Mom2: Thank you. I'm glad you were uplifted.

    Brian: Amen to that. You are in particular danger, given that 30s=middle age! Ahem. ;-)

    Live2write: Yes we are! A bit rusty, perhaps, but still strong. Thanks for visiting.

    Claudia: Hey, Girlfriend, thanks for coming and for your nice comMent. And, hey, that's not a bad song to have running through our heads.

  15. Joanny: Thank you. "Arrested decay" are perfect words for that old safe. I was totally taken with its beauty.

  16. I always feel Safe here Patti!

  17. What a beautiful old safe and great Sunday 160. Thanks for playing, Patti.

  18. That was fabulous Patti! That old safe may have an iron heart my dear...but you ... no way!!!

  19. G-Man: Awww...

    MM: Thanks for hosting!

    Katherine: Thank you! What a nice thing to say. I appreciate it, and your visit.

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