Yeah, Huh?

This was written for G-Man's Flash Fiction 55.

Yeah, Huh?

I never understood the term “frenemy” till then, but that’s exactly what a few of my daughter’s friends were. I wasn’t all that surprised when they turned on her. What did surprise me was when they turned on me.

What the…?

“Well,” she said, “if I’m “Satan’s spawn,” what does that make you?”

Good point.



anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed that. An original take. And great pic :-)

Gillian said...

Love the image.

Your 55 made me giggle! LOL

Brian Miller said...

haha. yeah...with friends like that...
nice 55.

mine is up!

Alice Audrey said...

I never went in for that "keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer" business. I'd tell them all to jump into the nearest lake of fire. heh heh heh.

G-Man said...

The Devils Mom?
Excellent 55 My Friend.
I needed a smile today.
Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Lisa said...

Nice. I see a Halloween costume coming on.

Monkey Man said...

Such a mouth....great 55. My 55 is HERE .

Jingle said...

what fun 55.
you rock!

moondustwriter said...

hey use those pitch forks woman

fun 55

Happy Wkend

Thom said...

What a fun 55. I love it :) Well done my friend. :)

Eaton Bennett said...

What is it with girls anyway? Just makes you want to hug your true friends all the harder.
Thanks for visiting my 55. :))

SandyCarlson said...

This is one of the most apt new words out there. Frenemies emerge when there is just too much estrogen in one place, methinks.

PattiKen said...

Brian, AA, Eaton: You got that right.

G-Man: Moi?

Leslie: It IS tempting, seeing as I've got 'em and all.

Sandy: You may be right. It seems to be a relatively new phenomenom though. Probably has something to do with global warming.

Lisa: You volunteering?

Everyone: Thanks for visiting!

steveroni said...

PK, you wrote on mine:

"You know what they say. God always answers prayers. But sometimes he says "no."

...and I believe you are the only one who really understood.

RE: Satan's spawn...as a musician who has played hundreds of weddings, we have a saying, quite common, in reference to the Mothers of the brides. We call her "The bride's Mother from Hell."

NOTE: Not ALL...but most! That's when the real "frenemy" shows herself...notice HERself--grin!

PattiKen said...

Steve: I'm glad I "got it" on your blog.

But as for the whole "Bride's Mother from Hell" thing, I'll have you know I was the very essence of an angel at my daughter's wedding! ;-)

Right, Lisa? RIGHT???

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

What does that make you? Well, I reckon either Satan or bride of Satan --- in either case, frenemies and outright enemies had better beware!

Enjoyed the 55er and your blog PattiKen. I'll be back — got keep on your good side just in case the frenemies are right! ;)

Lisa said...

Mom: I was Bridezilla enough for both of us. And yes, I'll make that costume, if you pay for the fabric. I made that bee for Scott, I can make anything...I think.

Steve and Sandy:
It just so happens that the worst offender of my "frenemies" is a man. So bad in fact, he'll be getting a visit from a nice man with a no trespass order as a lovely parting gift from me.

PattiKen said...

Lorenzo: Ha! Now that you mention it, maybe both!

I'm glad you'll be coming back. I love visitors.

Lisa: Now I'd just need somewhere to where it. I'd probably be over-dressed for the grocery store.

Kristine@SaladBowlBlog said...

lol. love your story.