100 Word Challenge: It's Tradional!

This was written for Velvet Verbosity's 100-Word Challenge. This week's word is "traditional."

It's Traditional!

The small British lad was thrilled to meet his Mum’s best friend from America. She was a soldier! A lady soldier!  

Archie had seen lots of soldiers on the telly. He knew what to do. He smartly saluted the major.

She laughed, saying, Oh, Archie, you don’t have to salute me! I’m not wearing my oak leaves today.”

Archie’s eyes brightened. “It’s May 29!”

Confused, she said, “Yes, I know.” Her confusion deepened when Archie reached around and gave her a good pinch on the bottom, and then jumped back out of reach.

Winking, he said, “Sorry, Ma'am, it’s traditional!” 


May 29 marks the 350th celebration of Royal Oak Day in Britain, when people traditionally wear a sprig of oak leaves in support of the monarchy. Children call it “Pinch-a-Bum Day,” because if a friend can’t produce an oak leaf
when asked on that day, they are punished with a pinch on the bottom!  I'm sure it's unlikely that a child would pinch an adult's bum (let alone a soldier's!), but that Archie! He's a rascal!

To learn more about Royal Oak Day, click here.


  1. LOL, that's a tradition I've never heard of.

  2. lol. so when i get in trouble for pinching bums...i am sending them your way...lol. nice tale..

  3. This was rich! I can't stop smiling.

  4. This is very cute. Now I know that my birthday contains two celebrations, one for my birth date and one for pinching bums. LOL


  5. Very interesting and cute. Well done!

  6. Glad you all like Archie's story. You've got to love the Internet. Royal Oak Day was the perfect inspiration for "traditional."

    Brian: Remember, that'll only work today, so you'd better get pinching!

    PG: Today is your birthday? Happy Birthday, Girl! Have a good one.

  7. I think I'd like to pinch a soldier's bum. I need to visit England at the right time of the year ;). CUTE story.

  8. Oh my, the little rascal gave me a much needed chuckle! Smile-a-rific mischievous joy timed perfectly for this rainy Seattle day.

  9. Who knew? have had ample opportunity for bum-pinching today and have missed every one! :)

  10. This is priceless! I loved this piece.

  11. Made me grin from ear to ear! As always, you've got me smiling, nodding, and learning something new.


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