Love in 160 Bites, Part 2

(Last week on Sunday 160)

There was this old dude from Duluth
A bit grozzled and long in the tooth  
He looked in the mirror  
And shuddered in horror  
And thought: when did I lose all my youth?

And now, this week's installment:


The old guy decided to travel

Before all of his parts came unraveled

So off to the Keys he went

And he got a small cottage to rent

Then to the nude beach he ambled. 

(To be continued)

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  1. grozzled is a great word!
    i shall try to use it at least twice today!

  2. i tend to amble as well, if i find myself at nude beaches...lol. cute...this could be a fun series...

  3. A great pair of 160 limericks. Thanks for playing and have a terrific Memorial Day weekend.

  4. this 'll be interesting!!!! I can already see this guy in my head, he won't let go of his youth, or will he??

  5. You had to leave us hanging at a nude beach? lol

  6. Otin: So to speak??? (sorry, couldn't resist.)

  7. Good for him! More power to him! And I'm going to steal grozzeled too!

  8. I'm thinking "grozzled" must be a colloquialism. An internet search on the word finds it used in sentences meaning the same thing as I understand it to mean, but no formal definition of the word. I've used it all my life, as it was part of my dad's colorful vernacular. I think it's a great word.

  9. Uh, oh. I don't know how well this is going to end. Continued next Sunday?

  10. AA: You bet. Tune in. Same time, same channel.

  11. Count me in among the people who are enchanted and amused by the word "grozzled".

    And yes, it is crucial to visit nude beaches BEFORE all of one's parts become unraveled.


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