The Superhero

Like everyone younger than logic, she was fearless. Flying high on wings of inexperience, she took risks most learn to avoid and tempted Fate at every turn. She lived in a Land far from reality. She was eternally optimistic: there was plenty of time to grow up, time to move on, time to get ready, and time to get ahead. She had, after all, all the time in the world. There were endless Tomorrows stretched out ahead of her. Playing fast and loose, she beat odds she didn’t even know were against her. She was invincible, indestructible, immortal.

And then one day, her Land was invaded by a Monster and his legions. They assaulted many of her givens, and caused the rest to take shelter in denial. The air became rank with fear, as the Monster’s bombs of destruction exploded first here, then there, threatening the very way of life throughout the Land. She had never thought something like that could happen to her, and she was terrified.

But the one thing she wasn’t was dumb. She quickly realized that the Monster could not be allowed to run rampant though the Land, and that he had to be stopped before everything was destroyed. Casting fear and denial aside, she dug out her best cape, always useful back in her flying days, and put it on. And she became the first Superhero the Land had known.

She fought with all her might, long and hard and desperately. There were times when she was down, wounded and tired, but she quickly got up again, took up her sword, and resumed the battle. The war raged for many months, and though she won some and lost some, she never lost her will to survive. She fought on, until one day she realized the Monster was gone. She had won.

After the war was over and the smoke had cleared, she looked around and surveyed the rubble left behind. Many parts of the Land had been ravaged. Where once there had been bounty, there was now barrenness. Structures had been flattened. Expectations had been unalterably altered.

But she knew the Land could be rebuilt, and it was. New structures were erected, looking as good as those taken down by the Monster. The seeds of new prosperity were planted, and new expectations developed.

But one unexpected outcome of the war was her realization that life in the Land was perhaps not as eternal as she had once thought. Perhaps there really wasn’t all the time in the world. Though one might suppose that this was a bad outcome, one would be wrong. After having fought and won against the evil Monster, the Land was moved closer to reality and life was made forever better. Foundations and armaments were reinforced, made stronger than before to protect against any future attacks. Social programs were put into place to prepare the Land to be more self-sufficient and successful in the future.

So while she occasionally missed the wild and free antics she’d enjoyed before the Monster came, she was happier than ever before. She had learned that, true, there were not endless Tomorrows laid out in front of her, but Today was a much better place.

She never really put away her cape after the war, though. Battered and torn though it was, she kept it nearby, just in case she might need it again. She was a Superhero, after all.


  1. A coming of age story? Wonderfully told and well written, but who is she? You? And who was He? All the allegory is great - and you stuck with it through the whole piece - but curious minds are going to want to know "The Rest of the Story". Or at least MY mind will.

  2. I loved this allegory and thought of your daughter's story as I read it. Maturing has its benefits, even for superheroes.

  3. She is my Super Hero. This is a beautiful, living, breathing tribute, Patti.

  4. there will always come another monster

  5. Tom~ And she will always have her cape!

    This is my all time favorite writing... EVER!

  6. that was amazing. i could totally see this as a kids book...that adults would read as well...

  7. "Perhaps there really wasn’t all the time in the world. Though one might suppose that this was a bad outcome, one would be wrong."

    I liked this. And I liked the story.

  8. "He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
    Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d,
    And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
    He that shall live this day, and see old age,
    Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
    And say “To-morrow is Saint Crispian.”
    Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
    And say “These wounds I had on Crispian’s day.”

    The world needs more heroes such as this. Capes there are a plenty...it is character that makes the hero. Very Well said.

  9. Now she needs a sidekick. ;)

    Who drew the picture?

  10. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/poetry-blog-community-award-from-adam/

    another poetry award 4 u.
    have a beautiful day!
    I appreciate your uplifting comments and handsome spirits.

  11. This is a fun story! I agree with Brian. It would be a great children's book.

  12. So hard to see your own daughter go through something like this ... wonderful way to tell the story and I can see why folks think it's a child's story and so it could be given the way you've written it.

    Your daughter is a "Singing in the Rain" hero ... someone who goes on and keeps on in the very best spirit s/he can despite the downpour ...

    And, Patti, you rock! Know you were a great mom though it all and your daughter got much strength from you.

    Blessings to you both,

  13. Thank you, Jamie. Lisa is a real fighter, someone I would want in my corner in any battle. She keeps her cape handy. She is the strongest person I know, and a real inspiration to me.


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