Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Speechless Wednesday


  1. My dear Patti,

    You are such a creative writer so I am TAGGING YOU.. please go to Wordy Wednesday @Tara Miller Writes to write the next 1-3 lines to a story yet told! Once you have done that, please TAG others too. Take care of you! hugs shakira

  2. Hear! Hear!

    My WW entry is here.

    Happy WW!

  3. No freaking way!! I thought my $48 in the olde minivan the other day was bad. Was this for an RV perhaps? :)

  4. That made my eyes bleed, just now. Oh man.

    Speechless, I am.

  5. Everyone: Shocking, isn't it? The pump was at a marina, and the boat that took 120 gallons of gas wasn't all that big compared to the small floating cities (that some folks call "yachts") nearby. $535 for a fill-up took my breath away.

    Shakira: Thank you. I'll check it out.


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