100 Word Challenge: The Big Day

This week's prompt 100 words of prose or poetry is "Swimsuit." I'm diving in with this entry. For more, visit here and check out the comments.

The Big Day

“Bye, Papa.”

There’d be hell to pay if he knew where she was going, but as far as Papa knew, Millie was headed to work, where she scooped ice cream for the tourists like a good girl.

Not today! Today was the day of the big dive she’d been waiting for all summer. She went to the shop, but only to change into her new swimsuit in the storeroom out back.

At the pier, Millie climbed up to the diving platform. She waved to the crowd below, then she and Baron soared off the platform, rushing to meet their future.

Click here to learn more about the women who rode The Diving Horses of Atlantic City.

This video profiles the most famous of these women.  It's pretty interesting (despite all the typos).


  1. I hope they survived - women and horses!

  2. whew! i have seen this before...craziness

  3. Now that's an incredible story! Thanks for putting it all together.

  4. BD: According to the video, no horses were ever injured diving, and in fact seemed to like it! I found nothing about any fatalities among the women, but at least one suffered a serious injury (loss of her eyesight).

    Brian: I agree. What makes a person decide "I think I'll get on a horse and dive from a high platform into a tank of water"? As you said, craziness.

    Grandmother and Mama Zen: Yeah, huh?

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  7. WOW..Patti ..what a beautiful job you did...
    with the challenge and for bringing us back in history....amazing...
    YOU are amazing...
    Mine is here

  8. I remember hearing about these diving feats... love the vintage photos. Nicely crafted.

  9. That's just plain odd.


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