On Memorial Day, Another Thank You

In ceremonies all over the country today, the fallen are honored for their sacrifice.  Flags wave and marching bands play Stars and Stripes Forever. On the podium and quietly in hearts and prayers, gratitude is offered to those who died in the name of freedom.

But it’s easy to forget that other sacrifices were made when these heroes fell. As Memorial Day ceremonies play out today, there are many beating hearts heavy with loss. Because for every soldier killed, there is a family left behind. Wives and husbands, children, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, grandparents: these survivors have all made a tremendous sacrifice as well. I'm saddened that, too often, their grief and sacrifice goes unrecognized.

Thank you, Families.


For more information about the challenges of military widows, visit:

And for a moving tribute to our heroes and their families, be sure to check out this wonderful slide show by political cartoonists!


  1. That's a really good point. The one who falls in battle may have made the ultimate sacrifice, but all those who loved him also take a loss.

  2. Wonderful post. We honor those who fought and died for us and we pray them and for those who grieve their loss.


  3. I like and appreciate the perspective you brought, Patti. And thanks for the great resources.

  4. ah, its beautiful...yes, we need to remember those that make it posible for the soldiers to do what they do, the ones they leave at home. thank you to the families....

  5. that is so true.

    and today i saw the families of POW/MI's marching in the town parade and felt so sorry for them.

    i wish we'd find a better way to solve conflicts.

  6. I would just add to the cartoon:
    Someone's mother. Someone's daughter. Someone's sister . . .

    Wonderful post!

  7. EG & MZ: I agree wholeheartedly! On both counts.

  8. I agree with MamaZen; I was surprised to find that the cartoon only seemed to be honoring male veterans.

    Have a good weekend (what's left of it, anyway.)
    I'm going to be finding some good abundant air conditioning and consuming some remarkably cold refreshing beverages. Highly recommended! :)

  9. Janna: I agree. Want to guess which gender "Randy" is?

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I'd say "Have one for me," but knowing you, that might result in something scary. ;-)

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