Friday Flash 55: Simony

Divorce is evil,
But you needn’t despair.
If you made a mistake,
The priest can repair.

You have four kids?
Ah, there’s still a way.
You can still get an annulment
If the price you will pay.

More than one Kennedy did it,
But, beware, it’s not free.
Annulment can be bought.
It’s called simony.


I learned a new word today.

I was raised Catholic, and was taught that remarriage after divorce was adultery, because the Church didn’t recognize divorce.  Over the years, I’ve wondered how people could get their marriages annulled after years of being married, especially when they had kids.

Recently, I read of what has been called “the American Catholic Church’s annulment industry.”  There’s even a “how-to” book.

Now I find out there’s a word for it.  Today's “word of the day” is “simony.” 


This is my offering for Friday Flash 55. If you've got something to say in exactly 55 words, go see The Man (G-Man, that is).


  1. Ah, don't get me started on the sins of the Church.

  2. intersting...now i have a new word of the day...and i feel bad for guys named simon too...smiles.

  3. Patti....
    Thanks for this...
    I was raised a strict Catholic as well, and I know the turmoil of Church Dogma.
    Excellent 55 My Dear.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.

  4. Where there is cash, there's a way. Great 55, Patty.
    My 55 is HERE .

  5. Looks like I'm destined to be an adulteress, divorced woman that I am.

    Wait, I'm not Catholic.

    What do they say about Methodists? ;)

  6. Jeez--they wouldn't let me get an annulment because I wasn't drunk. Guess I'm stuck with being divorced.

  7. new word for me today too
    not impressed with the meaning behind it, but I certainly don't blame that on you Patti. nice rhyming

  8. It's the kind of corruption that made Christ flip tables.

  9. man has created such an ugly net called religion - notice you have to buy your way out???
    Excellent Patti sadly no fable

    Have a great weekend

    love from the moon
    oh if you hear that howling pay no attention (lol)

  10. Hehe Simon says give me your money*!*

  11. Good one...that buying annulment business has always annoyed me, but many things about organized religion annoy me. At least I learned a new word. Thanks!

    And what happened to the outhouse picture?

  12. Ha ha! Funny, I was also raised Catholic and never once did I come across the word in any of my schools. Not even the one run by Jesuits. Good one, Patti!

  13. This is so true...I too was raised Catholic. It seems that so many times, through religion they can 'manipulate' to make things work....to me, no matter the sin, GOD will do his work.

    Artsy-Fartsy is my Friday Post Just scroll down below the 'artsy' part. hehehehehe

  14. well i use to too, my sister had to get an one to join the church. it is state of mind in the marriage...were you mature, sober, etc etc...

    I loved my catholic faith, raised 4 kids in it...the history, the traditions, even the black and white rules...but the hypocrisy ran me out and left my heart burned.

    thanks for the educational 55! mine is up and it is NOT educational LOL!

  15. Simony, eh? You learn something new every day.

    Funny, I never had a Buddhist ask me for cash.
    (Trust no religion that wants your money!)

    An informative 55, PK!

  16. that made me think..great and thought provoking 55 patti!

  17. Really interesting... So the church accepts money for annulments?
    So who is the sinner, the divorcees or the priest?

    Great one Patti

    Thanks for the information
    Great post and 55!


  18. These religious heads are all trade unionists!!

  19. I'd like some simony and two indulgences to go, please!

  20. Well, learn something new every day in Blogland, eh? :)

  21. the only thing I ever liked about the church was the singing and incense...so sue me I'm a pagan at heart! Oh and I'm divorced too! :D

  22. If only they sold peace of mind in that tidy little to-go box.

    Learned a new word, though, thanks to your fifty-five words.

  23. Thank you, Patti, because now I learned something new today, too. I'm shaking my head in disgust at how the church operates.

  24. Patti:

    All the words and things I am learning about.... glad I am not getting simony - it sounds pretty creepy.


  25. Just goes to show that money can buy most things. :(

    Great 55!

  26. simony...nice. I'll have to try that...in a sentence I mean.

  27. Thanks for coming, everyone. I can see although this was a new word for most of you too, it was neither a new concept nor a surprising one. That's a sorry state of affairs, isn't it?

  28. i wonder, does simony include the selling of indulgences?

  29. I've never heard the word simony before today. Thanks Patti.

  30. Wow, then you'll be simon-ized! I never heard of the word before.

    Educational here, Patti!



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