Friday Flash 55: Cannon Fodder

The war is waged.
The fight is on.
The enemy’s engaged.
Their formation is yon.
But we won’t quit until
This battle is won.

It’s almost nine.
Yea, the time is nigh.
The fuse will be lit.
The iron ball will fly high.
And across the battlefield,
Many Red Coats will die.




This is my offering for Friday Flash 55 hosted by the dashing G-Man here.


  1. *covers ears* your 55 sure went off with a bang :)

    Ok, I'll ask...why are you sitting in an outhouse?

  2. Patti...
    I LOVE military 55's
    Great Job...You are so Historical!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. Great 55 this week.

    My 55 is a double whammy this week, two for the price of one. Of course, as always, you need to scroll down below my Friday's Show n Tell.

    The link is HERE I'd love to have you stop by for a visit.

  4. very nice....where is the sign from...covering ones ears does not make the politicians stop talking though...smiles.

  5. ah - my ears start to hurt by only thinking of it...nice 55 patti

  6. In some cases it's

    Ready... FIRE! ...aim.

    Patriotic 55!

  7. You are so full of great surprises on this blog, Pattiken!

    You mentioned yon. Never heard it without hither before -- you're GOOD! Such an education site, as well as fun!


  8. KB: At last! Here I am, standing around in my outhouse for weeks, and only one reader before you has commented, to say he "liked my outfit." ;-)

    I don't know if the Kiwis celebrate Halloween. This is my favorite costume ever. I wore it to work back in the day, and won a day off with it. I wish I could take credit for it, but it was made by a friend, who was kind enough to let me borrow it. It was made of wood, on wheels, and when I ducked down inside, I was invisible wheeling around the office.

  9. Ka-Booom, baby! *covering both ears and ducking*

  10. G-Man: "Historical." Hey! Is that another way of saying I'm old??? ;-) And where's my "cake"?

    Anni: Thanks for coming.

    Anthony, gautami, Claudia, Lime: BOOM! Glad you had your ears covered! ;-)

    Eric: Indeed. And such is modern political warfare.

    Jannie: Thank you. You give me too much credit. I actually think I misused the word "yon," but what the heck. Call it poetic license.

  11. Brian: The sign was at a cannon in Vancouver, I think. Apparently, it was on a timer, and "fired" every night at 9:00PM. I hope it wasn't someone surprised into a heart attack that made them decide they should post a warning...

    And oh, yes, you are right about the politicians.

    Ti: Ducking is good. Who knows what may be incoming? ;-)

  12. Just love your sense of humor. Great 55, Patti.

  13. LOL...this sort of reminds me of the Batman series...remember how they use to do Pow. Bam. LOL Love this. Well done. Have a great weekend :)

  14. Reminds me of politicians. I hate political season. lol. Nice 55!

  15. I love the boom of a cannon. I guess it would get old if it were every day.

    Nice 55 and have a great weekend my friend

  16. I did wonder about the outhouse comment in your profile. NOW I get it! Love the 55 -- my parents took us to LOTS of those when we were young. So no wonder I can't hear now!

  17. Yikes! Got my ears covered over here! Loved the visual you painted with your words.

  18. Luckily, I was wearing my earphones, so if there was a bang, I didn't hear it! I did, however, duck just in case! LOL!

  19. The second picture tickled my funny bone. Seriously, some pour shmucks probably sat around brainstorming, suggesting ideas to ensure that they didn't get sued for someone's hearing loss...and this is the result!

    Great 55!

  20. Most excellent! Love your creativity and diverse topics in your 55s. It's always a great surprise when I visit here.

  21. Wow! I guess if you lived around there you'd get used to it, but I hope any visitors see the sign before the ka-boom! Neat 55, Patti! Really enjoyed it!

  22. The sign threw me. I'm very dense. All those black and white graphics. Thank you for explaining it was actually on a cannon. I don't think we have cannons in Calif.?? I would be that tourist standing there saying, what? what? as the blooming thing roared.

  23. Well you are the devilish sort, a nicely crafted 55er, and then you lower the BOOM and how did you get the ur outfit to fit so perfectly to your figure?


  24. Excellent 55!
    I've been browsing your blogs and was interested in what I saw and read.
    I hope no-one tried to enter your outhouse ;-) I think I could do with one of those - I like privacy!

  25. I love the sign, I take photos of odd signs or headings for later humor! Like rules at a dog park.....
    thanks for following my scary 55 HERE

    Keep up the humor, and I'll find my funny bone,

  26. Phew! Thanks for letting me know about the outhouse. I was a little worried for you. Excellent costume!

  27. Ah, the innocent days of war, when ducking might actually accomplish something.

  28. More good stuff. Thanks, Patti! Smiles ...


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