Father Knew Best

She’d hated school from the first day her mother delivered her into the hands of the teachers.
“Give it a chance,” her father advised. “School will ensure your future.”
The day the planes came, she’d been on a school- sponsored trip to the country.  
Turned out papa-san was right. School had ensured she had a future.


 Written for Friday Flash 55
hosted by the inimitable Mr. KnowItAll.


  1. ugh...thank goodness for trips...but then again to live with everything you had taken from you...how hard that would be...

  2. Such a difficult question. I hope her future was good but sometimes there are harder things than death.

  3. A solemn day, a black day in our history ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  4. Yes, a day to be remembered. Her father was right but, for all the wrong reasons. How sad to have a future and no family left to enjoy it with.
    Hard hitting Patti but, I like its truth.

  5. What a great way to find gratitude!

  6. Hands down most moving 55 of the day!

  7. Oh yeah Patticake...
    A moralistic dilemma remembrance!!
    Perfectly penned My Friend
    Loved your Atomic 55!!!
    It's always an honor to have you play, I just LOVE your writing style and point of view!!!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. This packs a punch, Patti. You've done it again!

  9. Well done. Well said. I was born one month and two days later, so my whole life has been lived under the shadow of "The Bomb". That said, there are no people on Earth who can testify to the terror of its use better than the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And yet we, and others, have waved "The Bomb" like a stick, to enforce our will on others.

    I wish there were no "Bombs" at all. Anywhere. And my heart and prayers go out to those who lived through that terror 67 years ago.

  10. What an awesome 55!
    You rock this, Pattiken!
    So happy to see you back!

    Mine is here
    Have you a ROCKING WEEKEND!!!

  11. Patti, way to be for posting this moving poem and photo of remembrance of a nightmare event.

  12. Hope her future was good...but I guess having any kind of future is better than having no future.

  13. We really don't think about the past enough--thanks for bringing up something that should never be forgotten, and making it personal and real.

  14. The atom bombs did have effects the authorities was not fully aware of. And the bombs were catastrophic to the Japanese society and caused terrible human sufferings. But it was war. And I believe the soldiers risking their lives then, not to mention the soldiers being tortured in Japanese prison camps, had quite another view on the use of the bombs, however effect.

  15. True story? Such a lucky thing to be out from under the blast, but you know she must have lost her mother and father. That's harsh.

  16. Yes, thanks for bringing this up. It is not that long ago. Hedge is right- great of you to focus on it. k.

  17. Wow, this is very powerful. Loved your 55.

  18. Very moving. You offer so much to think about. How does one deal with being a survivor of such a cataclysmic event? I can't even begin to imagine. Very powerfully expressed.


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