One love
One life
One singular sensation
This one goes out to the one I love.

One love
One heart
One part, be my lover.
One part, go away.

One night with you.
One night in Bangkok
And the world’s your oyster
We got only one night.

One day at a time.
It’s been one week
Since you looked at me.
 All I ever wanted was a one life stand.

One time, one time.
Will you be the only one?
One smile and suddenly
Nobody else will do.

One/One/One One
One, not two or three
One is the loneliest number
You can ever be.

Thanks to U2 (thanks to my nagging editor), Chorus Line, R.E.M., Bob Marley, Bonnie Raitt, Elvis, Chess, Three Dog Night, Longo and Wainwright, Bare Naked Ladies, Fat Joe, Justin Bieber, and Jesse McCarthy


  1. Very clever...loved this. Happy New Year, Patti!

  2. Wait. Where is "all I ever wanted was a one life stand" from?

  3. great and so true lonely and unique number...
    this so silent a day--- one alone to me

    Hugs Patti

  4. I love this! I'm glad I read it, and I'm glad I've been following you!

  5. Janice: ;-)

    Baino: For sure!

    AA: Here you go - One Life Stand by Longo and Wainwright.

    Dulce: Thanks, D.

    isseyou...: Thank you for following, reading and your nice comment. This is me, smiling.

  6. You will never, EVER, be ONE. As long as I'm around, you are at LEAST two.

  7. Clever and original. You got the number here.

  8. how unique...and a one lifetime...that - says it all with utter solidarity of love....bkm

  9. What? No "one is the loneliest number"? Kidding. I love this.

  10. I thought I recognised some of those lines. Nicely done Patti.

  11. Omg, "One Night In Bangkok"! I love that song! No idea why, really. Now I'm going to have to dig it out of my collection and play it. :-)

  12. Fun interlinking memories.

  13. And I read it and it sang with all the songs you quote which I know like the back of my hand...you singular sensation you! Loved it, Gay @beachanny

  14. i cant eat just one oreo either...smiles. nice write patti...

  15. One is the whole..:) One is us, One is the truth, the fact and the illusion :)

    FABULOUS Patti!
    wish you the best times ahead!

  16. One isn't such a lonely number after all! Love your inspiration -- the music and the day!

  17. That was one helluva sweet poem!! And the days also happened to be one when I celebrated my birthday :)
    "All I ever wanted was a one life stand." -- I loved this one line the most... it spoke of a much longed for permanence... very nicely written!
    You are one of a kind, Patti... with an awesome way with words!!! Kudos, my friend! And a very happy new year to you!! (not one, but MANY hugs)

  18. I agree with Janice. A clever poem and a creatively clever poem at that bundled up with desires and dreams....

    Happy New Year Patti.

  19. One is always a lonely number - you pulled this one off. In Bangcock yet

  20. One can be fascinating and fulfilling especially when it gets rolled in with others- Thanks!

  21. I knew every ONE of those song references.

    Well done!

  22. come on patti...you forgot One Shot...LOL.. seriously though i was humming Bob from the start...thanks just for that..cheers and a great share..pete

  23. Patti...
    Of course I loved this.
    It Was...One Step Beyond!!!

  24. Thank you, all for your visit and comments. One Steppers are #1 in my book. :-)


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