Big Yellow Taxi

Joni Mitchell sang, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”
‘Course, she was talking about Paradise and parking lots,
But, you know, I’m thinking she was talking something else,
Like family, and friends, and even me.  Yeah, maybe even me.

But that assumes one cares what comes and goes.
You said you don’t, but I didn’t believe you. 
I thought that you knew what you had.
I was wrong, but like Joni said, don't it always seem to go?

So this is me, climbing into my big yellow taxi,
Off to find a parking lot with a pink hotel
And a  boutique and a swinging hot spot
And maybe even Paradise where…  well, you know.


This was written for One Shot Wednesday.


  1. smiles. hope you find that paradise in the after...nice write patti!

  2. You'll sure find what you are looking for, because you know what you've got before it's gone.
    I liked this a lot
    Cheers Patti!


  3. Dulce is right...loved the way you wove joni's lyrics into your poem.

  4. Both an excellent write and homage to an amazing lyricist. Very cool poem. Heartfelt, Patti. (Nice cover art too).

  5. I love it, Patti. Well done ...
    Thanks! and Happy New Year ...

  6. very sweet one Patti..Happy new year to you..:)
    cute photo too!

  7. Come pick me up and we'll cruise the world in your yellow taxi...fun write! smiles

  8. Sounds like a fun antidote by a woman who knows what's what:) Throw in flamingoes, and I'll come too!

  9. Me? If I were to hang my hat on a Joni Mitchell song, I'd hang it on "A Case of You."

  10. Aww... if the attitude's in place, everything's good :)
    And as for the one that doesn't know what they've got, whheeww...pity pity!!! ;-)

    Paradise will be lucky to have found you anyway... hehe

    This was a cool write, Patti! Loved your style!

  11. Did I ever tell you I used to drive a cab? You should have been my passenger.

  12. Great take on that classic tune. Love this Patti.

  13. Funny thing... this was my song of the day, yesterday! I like the Counting Crows version.
    Great thoughts inspired by a beautiful song.

  14. It's just a phase...you'll be back!

  15. I enjoyed this. "Yeah, maybe even me." Right on!

  16. Lovely paradise Patti and wishing you a very happy new year my sweet friend xo~

    Wild Rose~

  17. Did my mom put you up to this? ..smiles..

  18. love it Patti....love that song...and the Pink Hotel makes me think of Hawaii...it would be a good place to be right now....Happy New Year....bkm

  19. Nice form of blending Joni's song to your poem. It is often we want what we don't have and don't treasure what we have. Great poem, Patti!

  20. It's a new year,it's a new you, and you can find paradise next to a parking lot. Well done, Patti. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  21. Long Island Ice Tea some sun and a tan and hmmm mind if I join you???

    Nice Patti - Joni would be proud

    Moonie Smiles for One Shot


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