Sometimes, in that dream just before dawn,
            I still do the dance,
You know, the one you can only do
            With someone not yet known.
It’s that dance of the meaningful glance
            Filled with promise
And those double entendres that speak
            Volumes more than the words that you say.

You, always a stranger,
            The unknown the enticement.
You smile, place your hand at the small of my back 
            As we stroll through the dark.
I laugh, let my fingertips play lightly on your arm 
            As we chat about life,
 And the World Series and delays at the airport
            And that awful movie we both saw.

But we both know, don't we? The real words remain unspoken: 
             Would you? Should we? Want to? Dare we?
And the rhythms of that music that only we hear give the answer: 
             Yes, oh, yes, let’s.
We dance in the moment, dipping and swaying 
            As the music of flirtation plays on and on in the night.
Alas, just before dawn, as these things always go,
            We exchange a quick kiss, then say goodbye.

Because, after all, it was only a dream.

This was written for The Tenth Daughter of Memory, and was also submitted to One Shot Wednesday.


  1. To MY mind, it's something of a kick that you wrote THIS PIECE and submitted it to "One Shot Wednesday".

    I'm a bad boy.

  2. Sigh........thank Goddess one can still dream:)

  3. Ooooo spicy. It was only a dream. I like that, Patti.

  4. It was a mighty good dream, that's for sure!

  5. "Would you? Should we? Want to? Dare we?" What a line of questioning. And the beginning lines, "And those double entendres that speak / Volumes more than the words that we say." Great write!

  6. That first dance has so much meaning, promise
    Sad if it was only a dream...

    Wonderful One Shot and TTOM

    Hugs from the Moon

  7. with dreams like that...i dont know how i ever get any sleep...smiles...

  8. Wow what a dream. I think we can all relate at some point in our lives. Great flow to your poem. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Ahhh...
    To be YOUR dream guy Patti.
    I'm all tingly now!

  10. Mmmm sweet dreams. Damn them for ending...
    lovely one shot

  11. Lovely, lovely images of romance and the moments of just simple and beautiful loving...real or dream...something to remember ....bkm

  12. what a beautiful dream!! great writing, a powerful poem indeed.

    cheers :)

  13. sweet, a simple kiss for remembrance...sometimes these are more powerful than any words of further sexual encounter!

  14. Flirtatious, beautiful little dream - always lovely when the subconscious can drop us such little gems...and always a pleasure when you can share such gems with us.

  15. But what a dream. Nice one shot. Love and Light, Sender

  16. We live for those dreams. We live becos of those dreams...

    destined wanderings

  17. Dream on and live life to the fullest. Great!

  18. Sounds like you got a new bed, since you're having such wonderful dreams, Patti!

    Nice, dreamy-dancing One Shot!

  19. oh so sad it was only a dream...but a beautiful one indeed patti...

  20. This was pure magic, Patti! Why did it have to be a dream!??!? (sigh) But really, what a twist!! I would never wanna wake up form such a romaaaaaantic dream.. lovely!!
    Your play of words was a certain delight!!!
    Thanks for sharing this absolutely dreamy piece, my friend..

  21. dream is always full of possibility

  22. Gah! Women and sports, I tell ya...

    We were talking about the Super Bowl! Not the friggin' World Series!

  23. romantic, with a potentially shattering finish.

  24. Aww wouldn't be spending my time dancing, I'll tell you that much. Oh yeah . . dare!

  25. Only a dream, yet such an enchanting one-- nicely writ!


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