Shooting the Breeze

I met the others on the field.

We came with weapons,
Sharpened, at the ready,
Gathered on common ground.
In dawn’s early light,
After long sleepless nights
We stood and took aim,
Another’s target in sight.
With voices kept active
And tense ever present,
We fired our best shots,
And hoped our bons mots
Would find their way home.


This was written for the Tenth Daughter of Memory.


  1. Oh yes, hope that the bon mots will find their way home....well done! I love it.

  2. *broad grin*

    Makes me feel like one of Robin Hood's band of merry men.

    That bloody 'tense ever present' ... groan. The bane of my nights at the moment.

    Good stuff.

  3. Words as weapons . . .bane of my existence. Short but sweet

  4. I'll have to go and look up bon mots now. I love visiting bloggers...learn new stuff every day.

  5. i agree with the robin hood comparison...nicely done patti...word pugilist arise...smiles.

  6. Your clever remarks ALWAYS find their way right smack home to *me*. Words make swords look pretty weak, mostly. :)

  7. 'words are weapons, sharper than knives'
    excellant use of the muse

  8. WOW... poignant and terrific-if lucky enough, they always find their way home, but do their home find them?


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