The Final Ride

One day at ten, you climb aboard.
The hill thrills you to your core.
A running start and off you go.
Whee! Into the wind you soar.

You hold on tight and rocket down.
The ride is wild; it gives you quite a rush.
All too soon, the bottom’s reached.
So back to the top, and again a mighty push.

Whee! Down and up and down again;
You ride so many days away,
Until, “oh, please, not any more," 
You hear your sore joints say.

One day at “old,” whenever that day arrives,
You climb off your sled, and leave the hill behind.
But at the end you remember, those wildly thrilling rides,
And you ride the hill just one more time, if only in your mind.

Written for Magpie Tales.


  1. You have described this aging process we must endure ... Perfectly! And with a sled too!

  2. So good! I especially love the last two lines.

  3. Oh my! The things we used to do . . . and yet inside we don't feel any different.
    Very good indeed :-)

  4. Told as only a New Englander can tell it. :-)

  5. lovely memories in this reflective piece of writing and of life...there always is that final day....bkm

  6. seems like only yesterday, this was very sweet!

  7. I still ride - it's just that these days, I'll likely go just once.

    Love this. xoxox

  8. One day at “old,” whenever that day arrives,

    my favourite line. as old as you feel, but some day your body reminds you how old you really are.

  9. Thanks for joining me on the trip down the hill, my friends.

  10. I am glad I had those rides too. And the chalet is a nice place to be too.

    Lovely piece!

  11. Very nice...life as a wild ride on a sled.

  12. Fun reminder! The last time I did this was when my grandson was 3 and we lived in Maine. I posted my daughter at the bottom of our looooong driveway to watch for traffic, put my grandson in front of me and set off. It was so steep that I started screaming and so did he as we crossed the street and went down our neighbor's driveway, too, and into a snowbank that stopped us. It was a wild ride alright!

  13. this is good reading on a wintery day--and it is a snowy wintery day...

  14. Aww my dad used to make us sledges and we'd whizz down the 15th Fairway . . no such joy here I'm afraid.

  15. A delightful poem. Fine, strong memories. There comes a time when the memories are better than the rides ever were, I think! :)

  16. Patti, you have brought back those very same memories to my mind. In winter, as I drive by the old sledding hills of childhood, I wonder...wouldn't it be fun to ride down one more time :) Thanks for this piece and the memories.

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  18. Such a delight. A vivid picture. I could see and feel the ride and I've never been on a sleigh in my life. Well done, Patti.


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