Succinct Verbosity in 55 Words

I used to be able to express myself in few words,
Back before I began trying to “write.”
I got all caught up in voice, tense and tone,
And succinctness faded from sight.

What once I could say in 55 words
Now takes 500 or more, and
My path to “the point"
Is littered with…

If you can say it in 55 words, go tell G-Man.


  1. Oh Patti....
    You are such a satirist....
    LOved your truncated story...:P
    Thank you for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  2. Truth, truth and truth in 55 words...did I use the right tone?...bkm

  3. Great fun :-)
    I always try to be as minimalist as possible. Not easy sometimes.

  4. Oh.. I do know what you mean! Great 55!

  5. verbose isn't that the definition of a writer?

  6. Is littered with: CHANGE! the only permanent thing- Thanks for posting-

  7. lol! I loved this! The curse of the writer :)

    My 55: escapee

  8. Patti! Patti! Patti!

    What a treat to see you over in Funsterland again!

    And to read your 55 that says what 5555 could not.


  9. I'm going the other direction. The more I've been writing, the few words I use to say it.

  10. Oh that is so true. Yet it is odd that now when I sit down to write it almost always ends up being 55 words. It appears to be the perfect number for my little brain. When I try to expand the thought I find....

  11. Some of my best writes were in 55 words or less like Haiku's -- they make you think of better ways to express yourself. sort of like a picture is worth a thousand words, sigh -

    Nice write as always you do have a way with words short or long always a delight to read.


  12. hahah, some weeks it is a challenge isn't it?

  13. How true. I like the 55 because it forces me to be succinct. A very good exercise for the writer in me! Excellent 55 you have going here, one we can all relate to.

  14. I have always been teased with my verbose ways, so I feel your pain!

  15. Patti, this is right up my alley; I love to read the verbose writing of the classics, and I love the succinctness of Haiku. You are so good at the humorous stuff...this one is wonderful :)

  16. Wonderful sense of humor. I was entertained the entire way through!

  17. this is awesome, Patti! I think I too am beginning to suffer from verbal diarrhea.. :))
    Thanks to G for having the 55 word challenge, else I would have certainly been drowning in my own words.. heheh
    But trust me, your path to the point is way straighter than you think! :) And it is CERTAINLY NOT littered with dots.. (too corny, eh? giggles)


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