Once upon a time, there was a creative genie.
Sometimes, when he was in a good mood, the genie
Bestowed great riches, lighting the way through the dark.
And words never before spoken began to flow
From the enlightened, woven into fanciful tapestries,
Startling and delightful to even themselves.

As we could have predicted, those lucky enough to be
Favored by the genie became addicted, 
Believing him to be their muse.  Inevitably, however, 
There came the day – as it did, oh, maybe once a decade or so 
(Or maybe not) - when the faithful fell out of favor and the genie
Became bored.  Lured by an obsession with muse-ical entertainments 
Unattainable, poof, the genie was gone, taking hearts with him 
(For sustenance?), disappearing like a thief in the night.

The genie’s faithful fell to their knees, and 
Tore their hair, and beat their empty chests, and
Wailed, and there was great sadness and turmoil in the land.
So dependent had they become on the genie’s largess and 
Guidance, without him, creative words froze in their mouths and, 
Though they tried to speak anyway, they failed and fell mute.   
Hands outstretched, groping, feeling their way, they bumbled 
About in the dark, but could find nothing of value to say.

Ah, but when the genie disappeared, in his place appeared 
Another gift,one perhaps more precious than all the rest.   
Lacking the guidance they’d come to expect from the genie, 
The abandoned were forced to look for it within themselves.
And, lo. Much to their surprise, they rediscovered their hearts, and
The strength within, and many words they never knew they had.   
And there was peace again in the land.

Say, did I mention that as well as creative, the genie was
Unusually smart? Oh, yes, indeed, that he was.
Though he hadn’t completely accepted the unattainability of
His own fantasy muse, he may have recognized a degree of difficulty
Or maybe he just realized the value of what he had tossed aside.
In any case, he returned.to the land.

I wish I could say "And they lived happily ever after."
But the end of the story remains unwritten.
And so shall it stay. At least by this story-teller.
This is all I have to say about the genie. It remains to him
To write the rest of the story.  

Genie, over to you.  

And out.


This was written for One Shot Wednesday.


  1. Patti, there have been so many genies in history they come and they go...unfortunately as humans we tend to fall to our knees expecting something no human or genie can give....we will see where the genie goes probably the way of most genies back into the bottle he came from....great lesson in human behavior...bkm

  2. I love your clever title! Alas, I am still waiting for my genie to appear...

  3. Oh, but such amazing fantasies offered up by such a genie... and isn't it always the best stories which have a 'to be continued' somewhere in the middle.

  4. An excellent piece. Ah, those genies.

  5. sometimes our time with genies are just for a season...we mourn their leaving until another comes along and then we just cherish the memories...

  6. I think my Genie is in Hawaii, surfing on the North Shore and getting drunk every night on Mojitos. Because he's (or she, maybe, I'm not quite sure) certainly been ignoring ME lately.

    Nice. Original and inventive.

    Do you suppose the your Genie could tell my Genie to get his/her ass home?

  7. become addicted - believing him to be their muse..these words resonate with me. makes me think how quickly we become dependant on other people. vey good metaphor patti

  8. The creative genie sounds a lot like a muse. Personally, I consider it a mater of rounding up enough brain cells to come up with something interesting.

  9. Great title, ending, and absorbing poetic narrative between. Inspiration does often come from others, admittedly on my part—many peeps I look up to in our craft—though ultimately, you got to find the voice within yourself, and brain cells of course. Great piece, Patti.

  10. Genuine genie of inspiration. Neat.

  11. Answers are always within us if we look...

  12. Oh if I had a real one... i mean one i could give orders andd make enquiries... Humm would have to think it through...and yes, as Jinksy says, i would eventually won't need it foe it's inside me- well hidden though!
    Great One Shot ,Patti

  13. Oh gee.. this can be read and interpreted at so many levels, Patti! Awesome! First, I thought of writer's block.. then of influential people.. then of conflicting ideas within self... all in all, it made me think.. A LOT!
    And boy, was I hooked or what!! Right from title - to image - to your words!!
    Loved this piece...
    Long live hearts, and the goodness and creativity that reside within.. :))

  14. Patti, this is brilliant! Level upon level, there is insight and truth in them all. Very sharp work! :) I think I might have met that genie at least once.

  15. Thank you for your visits and comments. Seems we all have had our genies at one time or another.

  16. Well, you know that I know what you know. Genie? No just a very naughty boy. Inspirational but naughty.

  17. The abandoned were forced to look for it within themselves.
    And, lo. Much to their surprise, they rediscovered their hearts, and
    The strength within, and many words they never knew they had.
    And there was peace again in the land.

    Patti, this commanded several reads and each time I was pulled in as if sitting in a circle (okay, maybe a bit eliptical), listening to a wonderful storyteller telling a wonderful story. Then I realized the story was about me...or was it about you? Tell it again, I love muse-icals! So very well done, this one I will cherish!

  18. It is not good for as if we don't do and think for ourselves.


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