Home Delivery!

There’s nothing like farm-fresh milk. Indulge in home delivery. Your bones will thank you!

Brought to you by your local Dairy Council.
Oh, yes, and by Bossie.


Written for Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man.

For those of you as taken with the metal sculpture of artist Patrick Amiot as I was, check out this video showing some of his work.


  1. hehe. save yer bones, save yer teeth, day and night its milk to drink! nice 160. is that lawn art?

  2. Do they still deliver milk anymore? God, I am old enough to remember having a milk box on the front porch! lol

  3. A big glass of milk over ice...one of my favorites :)
    Nice site you have here, and some wonderful work...wow!

    Thanks for visiting me, and for the comments. 160s Rock!
    Tracy H

  4. The picture brought a smile to my face.

  5. Your comment to my post was so funny. My stalker smells like fish!!

  6. I haven't seen milk delivered since I was a kid. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen a ice cream truck since also.

  7. I love that picture. I also remember home delivery and milk in glass bottles. And it was cool to just step on the porch at 6 a.m. and find 4 gallons of milk in the cooler. Great 160.

  8. Brian: Yes, it is lawn art. On Florence St. in Sebastopol, CA, we found the fantastic metal sculpture of artist Patrick Amiot. I think he lives on the street. There's a video of his work here.

    otin & f82bfat: Yeah, I remember that milk box too, filled with glass bottles. Getting to the cardboard tab top on the bottle first meant getting to lick off the cream that rose to the top and accumulated there. Thanks for visiting!

    Tracy: Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments. Come back soon!

    Janice: Me too! This artist has whimsy to spare!

    Urban Cowboy: There was a dairy near us that did it for a short time about five years ago. They had to stop because nobody was interested. :-( Check out my post “Remember Part 3" here.

  9. I love this picture Patti!
    We don't have home delivery milk in Germany - but we used to live close to a farmer and every evening we went with a bottle and got fresh milk.. ;=)

  10. Yes, I'm a firm believer in dairy! Milk...it does do a body good!

  11. Cute! Don't forget PhotoShop. That's definitely also brought by PhotoShop.

  12. I miss the days of home delivery. I even got to ride with the milk man once. It was so much fun. Thanks for being a part of the Sunday 160.

  13. Claudia: It doesn't get any fresher than that!

    Harris & MM: Dairy milk, home delivered, is just so, well, homey.

    AA: Glad you thought the picture was cute. But if you also thought it was created using PhotoShop, nay, nay. This is an unedited (though cropped a bit) photo taken of a sculpture in a yard in Sebastopol, CA. Take a look at the video for more of this artist's work.

  14. I admit to being old enough to remember the milkman delivering milk, cream, eggs, etc. on our back porch.

    Thanks for the 160.


  15. PG: Me too, Prayer Girl, me too.

  16. I would LOVE a sculpture even half that whimsical on my front lawn. Awesome!! :)

  17. magical and mezmerising, spell check!
    thank you, so much in such a lifetime.

  18. Good ole Bossy. I actually had a milk cow named Bossy. And one named Besse. They were sisters and cohorts in crime. They could both kick over a milk pail right as the foam reached the top... ah, those were the days. Arghh.


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