160: Lunch Break

I protect your home, your boat, your car,
But a guy has to eat or not go far.

Roaches are good. They’ve got some crunch.
This gecko’s off to grab some lunch!


This is my entry for Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man here.


  1. ha. we used to have lizards galore come visit when we lived in FL...my cat made them the snack

  2. My first 160 read of the day and you've left me smiling. I like that. Great 160 and thank you for playing.

  3. nice 160 - don't know why, but - reminded me somehow of my mother - she used to feed her little brother polliwogs to keep him silent....now you know what kind of mother I had...smiles

  4. I love it! It's so true about lizards! I have a baby toad in my front garden that I fret over!


  5. Does he have an Australian accent?

  6. True true.. We all gotta eat to live and do the things that we usually do.. hope he enjoyed his crunchy feast :)
    A cute 160!

  7. Oh, now this was way awesome! Very good, indeed.

  8. Brian: Oh, I like the geckos! :-(

    MM: Score!

    Claudia: Yikes! Do polliwogs have some sort of tranquilizing or paralyzing properties?

    Harris: We tend to name the regulars.

    AA: I asked him, and he said, "Actually, I'm not from Australia. I'm from..."

    kavisionz: I hope he did too. He can have all he wants!

    Cowboy: Thanks!

  9. well that gecko can have as many roaches as he wants...I've always wanted a lizard and now I know why! fun 160~

  10. Ha! What a great 160! And I just *love* lizards, there is just something so cute about them. Sadly, in Ontario, we don't have a whole lot of those around! :)

  11. Adorable little gecko! I love their cute little feet... they're so expressive.


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