100-Word Challenge: Daybreak Daliance

Dawn breaks over the distance.
Morning spreads into the sky.
It’s still too dark to see much outside.
I open my beak, call out to the world,
Announcing my presence with pride.

Abundant with attitude,
Splendid with style,
My plumage so lush,
My head gear so bright:
Call me “Cock of the Walk.”
You’d be right..

Thanks to me, the world awakens.
The chicks in the henhouse begin to cluck.
“We’re hungry,” they grumble, “and have eggs to lay.”
I’m Cock of the Walk, so I wink and I crow,
“Hey, Girls, let's start with a roll in the hay!”

This is my entry for this week's prompt of "Abundant" in Velvet Verbosity's 100-Word Challenge, generously hosted here by LouCeel.  Lou, with so much on your plate, I know this is tough. I'm grateful to you for keeping it going.


  1. THAT'S the way, to start one's day,
    with the proverbial roll in the hay.

  2. Love your humour. A fun post in reference to the prompt!

  3. I can see this rooster strutting his stuff- walking right off the page and into the barn. Thanks for the morning chuckle- and the memories. Spent 18 years waking up to the sound of competing roosters confused by the midnight sun.

  4. How colorful these 100 words are and it's all about the cock a doodle do. Great sense of humor, too.

  5. Morning spreads into the sky.
    my favorite line
    along with abundant with attitude

  6. Teresa said it best: Cock-a-doodle-do! Thanks, All.

  7. haha...cheeky play patti! we used to have a rooster that would come and visit our back yard in FL...not sure what he was looking for other than to wake me...

  8. Well done! I can just imagine that's just how Ol' Rooster feels. Fun read.

    Tracy H

  9. Brian: He was checking out all the cute chicks living there, no doubt.

    Tracy: Thanks for visiting!

  10. The line 'Abundant with attitude' and looking at the picture gives a life to this character... Great work:)


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