100-Word Challenge: Lethal Weapon

This is my entry in Velvet Verbosity's 100-Word Challenge, hosted by LouCeel here.

Lethal Weapon

I have to wonder. What causes a celebrity to self-destruct?

Is fame too heavy a mantle wear 24-7? Is it uncomfortable rattling around in a 7000 sq. ft. house? Or cumbersome driving a big Lexus? They can be so hard to park.

Take Mel Gibson. Here’s a guy who seemingly had it all. Then one day several years ago, he opened his mouth, and began shooting himself in the foot. His ammunition of choice? Anti-semitism. Racism. And most recently, domestic abuse.

It seems Mr. Gibson has been carrying an unconcealed lethal weapon. And he’s using it to commit professional suicide.


  1. ohh, skeletons in closets need to stay there.
    power corruption manipulation greed....
    mine is procrastination....

  2. I've always liked him - as an actor. Personally, he's a toad.

  3. I've never been more wrong about character judgement, he's a prize chop and I am convinced he is losing his mind.

  4. that is so crazy. seriously he did not just all of a sudden let this slip...he has got to have had this building...so i wonder what the root is...

  5. Dianne: Procrastination? Yeah, I know that one well. The rest of my skeletons will remain in the closet to rattle among themselves. At least until one of them whispers in the ear of my muse.

    Lou and Cindy: I always liked him too. And I guess that attests to what a good actor he is.

    Brian: Who knows? It seems that when he made "The Passion of Christ" was when he started making statements that were offensive to someone. Many someones. It's almost enough to make you believe in demonic possession.

  6. well done, maybe he is fed up all the stuff he gets, he wants attention differently...
    Happy Saturday!

  7. I wonder if he and Tom Cruise might make for interesting bedfellows. It would be interesting to know just what causes someone, like Gibson, to fall into an abyss of hate and acrimony.

  8. I've seen a few people self-destruct in my day-to-day life, too. I think some people just push it all down until it gets so pressurized it just has to fly out. Or maybe it's more like a mask slips and what really lies beneath is revealed. It's not pretty, that's for sure.

  9. Very hard to listen to those tapes...

  10. It could be a legitimate illness--if legitimate is a correct word here--of which he is suffering, other than addictions.

    He used to be a "nice guy". Interesting that "Passion of Christ"-Demon thought.

    I feel sorry for him, and all he has harmed. that's LOTS of Peeps!

  11. He's unraveled in every direction; his many children certainly pay the highest price in the end.

  12. You really captured the essence of falling off the pedestal.


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