Children of the Sixties?

 They took to the streets,
Bouncing off walls
Like crazed hippy revolutionaries
Rushing to the Haight.

It started with only a few,
But then the word spread.
The few became many,
And the many a demonstration.

While the city looked on,
Their numbers multiplied.
They filled the streets,
Dancing with psychedelic joy.


This was written for Theme Thursday, where the theme for the week is “ball."


  1. Ah, the mad fads we see in our lives :-)

  2. see i can get into 60's balls though....maybe its my inner revolutionary...smiles.

  3. peace and love...messages that should be taken to heart. cheers

  4. AN: But, you know, most of 'em were harmless. A pet rock never bit anybody, did it?

    Brian: Alright, "youngster," I'm sensing a note of sarcasm here...

    Dustus: You got that right! And on that note, ohmmmmmmm.

  5. The balls in the video remind me of the little candy dots that came in sheets we used to get as kids. So colorful. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my post. As for me, I wouldn't want my personal items to go on the auction block, either.

  6. lovely balls.
    thank you for playing with them in poetic form.

  7. What Tony said. (This coming from an old hippie who has reverted to his youth!)

  8. How can a person NOT smile, looking at the smiley-faced one? That's my favorite, for sure.

  9. That was so cool. Em and I watched it a couple times. The poem is perfect.

  10. What a clever take on the theme! haha...and the video clip was great!

  11. I want one of EACH of ALL of those pins up there!!!



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