Theme Thursday: Lunch

For this week’s Theme Thursday, I decided to take a trip to Fantasyland, Parisian style. Keeping in mind the theme for the week, Lunch, this is my offering.

If you’re still hungry when you’ve finished, drop in at Theme Thursday for some more goodies from the lunch menu.

Déjeuner dans le parc

The whistle blew and, mon dieu, I was ready. It had been a grueling morning, and it was only the thought of lunch that had kept me going. I collected my lunch pail from the window sill near my desk, and headed outside. It was such a beautiful day, one of the first of the year, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to soak up some of the warm spring sunshine.

Le Jardin des Tuileries wasn’t too far from the office, so I decided to spend the lunch break there. Two hours in the warm sun were just what I needed.

I spotted a small copse of chestnut trees near the boat pond. I carried my lunch over, and settled beneath one of the trees. The tree was just beginning to bud, and the few pale green leaves that were out were not enough to shade my spot. The sun dappled through, covering me with a delicate blanket of warmth. I sat for a few moments, gazing over at the pond, and letting the stress of the morning drop away. It wouldn’t be long before the children came to launch their sailboats out onto the pond, but for now, a few ducks had the place to themselves.

With growing anticipation, I opened my lunch pail. Oh, la! Jean Luc had packed it with all my favorites. I laid out my feast, poured a glass of wine, and leaned back against the welcome support of the big tree.

Ah, c’est magnifique.

There were definite advantages to being married to a chef!

Like I said, Fantasyland.


  1. i could tell it was fantasy by the 2 hour lunch break...lol. happy thursday to you patti!

  2. Loved it! I really did. I was fantasy landing all over the place with you! Bonne histoire, madame!

  3. There is just nothing BETTER than being married to a Chef. *ahem*

    Lunch break like no other...

  4. Oo La! If lunch was that good, I can imagine what dinner must have been like.

  5. ''There were definite advantages to being married to a chef!''

    - Sounds lovely

  6. My favorite kind of lunch --- and I could bring the apples and pears along next time on TT.

    Looks so delicious.


  7. you lucky charm,
    admirable Theme Thursday post!

  8. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/waiting-for-the-splash-theme-thursday/

    my Theme Thursday post!
    Thank YOU in advance for reading it.

  9. Mmm..Mmm..Mmm ... What a divine lunch PattiKen & what an awesome tea room to have lunch in (under a tree, in the sun & near a pond) Lucky you!

  10. great post! tres jolie. Au revoir!

  11. Oh my, you have made me both envious and hungry.
    Happy TT.

  12. C'est magnifique, indeed! And yum!

  13. Thank you for joining me for lunch in Fantasyland. Don't you just love French food? Next time, let's do Florence. That's the beauty of Fantasyland: you can go wherever strikes your fancy!

  14. Oui, c'est magnifique. You took me back to Paris! :-)

    Next time, Florence? Bellissima.


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