Friday Flash 55: Hoo Hoo

Hoo’s that standing beneath my tree?
Hoo’s that taking pictures of me?

I’m way up here, how can you see?
How can you get a snapshot of me?

Telephoto lens? Not that I see.
Oh, you can zoom? That’s really neat.

So click away, I won’t hide.
Just be sure to get my good side.


  1. I beautiful pictures! Did you take them yourself?
    The 55 word story/poem is wonderful. I love the feel of your words. Your connection with the Owl, the camera and that tree.
    A very fun piece.

  2. I am not sure what is more amazing the owl of that beautiful tree. Wonderful 55. My 55 is HERE .

  3. What a fun 55!
    Well done!
    Mine is here
    Have you a great weekend!

  4. Fun words, and some great shots of the owl.

  5. My mind went the other way when I saw the title of the post - and I thought, "Wow, Patti, hoo hoo?" But then I remembered - it's "Hoo HA".

  6. Who's the Who I'm talking to?

    These photos are too cool for words. The owl says so much with just a look- and you captured it all.

  7. brilliant. love the pics and a fun 55...owls are so cool!

    my 55 is up!

  8. Geraldine: Thank you for visiting, and for your kind comments. Yes, I did take the pictures. I wish I’d had a telephoto lens, but I never expected to see an owl!

    Monkey Man: And did you notice the cactus growing on it?

    Shakira: Thank you!

    Anthony: Thanks. I wish I could have zoomed in closer, but I was thrilled just to see him.

    Lou: So glad we’ve got that cleared up.

    Ti: Thanks. Mostly, I think the owl was considering swooping down and grabbing that shiny thing pointed at him.

    Kathy: Thanks!

    Brian: I agree, owls are way cool. They’ve always been my favorite.

  9. VERY cute. We have burroughing owls living next door to us in our house in Florida. So fun to watch them with their babies each season. D

  10. The Spanish Moss gives this a very eerie feel.
    Great Pics...Great 55.
    You Rocked this one Patti!
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  11. Wow. What cool pictures. Owls rock!

  12. Brilliant pictures, both owl and that amazing tree. And loved the poem too, goes with it perfectly.

  13. Donetta: This is a Florida owl too. You are so lucky to have burrowing owls as neighbors. They are so cute, especially when they turn their heads upside down.

    G-Man: Thanks. I know it is awful for the trees, but I've always loved the look of Spanish moss. It's just so... southern, y'all.

    Yvonne: They do indeed. Thanks for stopping by.

    Peter: Thank you!

  14. Hi, Very humorous and taken in such a good spirit. Have a nice weekend!

  15. Doesn't that first photo look like she's posing? Great shot and fun poem.

  16. Jana: Thank you. Have a great weekend your own self!

    Mary: It really does. She was grooming, and caught sight of me. She pulled herself up tall, and looked directly (oh, yeah, and fiercely) right into the camera. She probably was thinking of swooping down and snatching it from me!

  17. Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoooooo!!!

    Very much enjoyed the snapshot and poem. Owls are one of my favorite things. Where we live I have the great pleasure of listening to screech, barred and great horned owls.

  18. I love this one! And what an interesting guest star you have.

  19. Buzzard: I love owls too. I'm jealous that you have so many around you. This one was the first I've ever seen in the wild.

    Hope: Thank! Who could resist giving him the starring role?

  20. Great pics! Aren't owls wonderful?

  21. Dead good! Love the bottom line!!

  22. great pictures great poem. I don't see owls very often and love them.

    They do exude pride and captured that perfectly.

    I know its late but my 55 is up

  23. Janice: Thanks! Owls are my favorite bird!

    Andy: Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. There's no question that the last line came right from the owl's mouth. I heard it clearly!

    VL: Thank you. This was my first, and I was thrilled, let me tell you.

  24. Must admit to having a soft spot for owls myself... :)

  25. Oh great shots and I love your 55 to go with the photos. :)

  26. That was fun, my friend. I do love the way your subject obliged you!

  27. what a marvelous capture, in full daylight too!

  28. love this post!
    your post is fabulous!

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    awards for you.

  30. I agree with monkey Man The tree is gorgeous I love vines growing up a tree we have an Owl that lives in a pine tree along the drive way of our ranch house it's peaceful listening to him at two or three am he's quite active at night time.
    Loved this flash 55.

    Spelling bee

    Thanks for stopping by "This Blog of Mine".

  31. Thank you for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated. I loved this 55 and the photos just made it so much more. Hoo Hoo Love it. :) Have a great week ahead :)

  32. Oh, a rare glimpse of an owl. They are such beautiful, unearthly creatures. I hear the one in the park occasionally, but have never seen her, or him. This was totally charming.

  33. i was so busy admiring the gorgeous photos that i didn't see the owl, duh. really nice 55 and thanks for the great comments you've left :)

  34. Thank you, All, for visiting and your nice comments. I am a real owl fan, and was happy to have the opportunity to share my first glimpse of one in the wild. Given that he stood patiently while I snapped away tells me he might have been happy to be glimpsed, and as Lime said, in full daylight!

  35. Of all the times to want a telephoto lens! :D
    I think owls are cool. A hoot of a 55! :}


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