Theme Thursday: Draft

The theme for this week on Theme Thursday is Draft. The dictionary I checked listed 38 definitions for the word draft.  But having witnessed this amazing time in our history, I can't hear the word without these memories playing in my mind.

And, of course, I have to include the anthem of another guy who lived it. The clip is long, and the sound quality not the greatest, but the video is an interesting meld of the song and scenes from the movie. 


  1. I don't like the idea of being sent off to fight someone else's war...

  2. Hi, Those are some great images. I too feel bad for the young boys who were drafted to war...

  3. It is good the draft is in the past - where it belongs.

  4. Hell no, we won't go!
    I loved this! Well done.
    Peace and love (and I mean it...) :) /Jo.

  5. smiles. very nice patti...it was an interesting time and though it was mostly before my time, it still laid heavy when we first went into iraq...cant imagine what would happen if they tried it today...

  6. Kris: I know you are not alone. In the 60s, you would have had thousands marching in support of your position.

    Jana: Me too. All war is abhorrent, but that was a particularly vicious one, gobbling up young people and spitting out body counts like watermelon seeds on the nightly news.

    Anthony: Now if only war would join it there.

    Jo: Thank you! Peace and love to you too.

    Brian: Me either. But who knows. There is power in numbers.

  7. Well, this post brought back memories. :)
    War sucks.

  8. This is one of the best put-togethers I've seen in a long time. It just pieces together, in a very small space, almost the perfect pictures and songs to create a powerful picture of a very historic and sad time in our history. Loved it!

  9. Those who won't learn from history... and oh, there are so very many of those, it seems.

  10. AngelMay: Indeed, on both counts.

    Kathy: Thank you! The images are still so vivid in my mind, burned in by too many hours watching that horror show called the Nightly News, I suppose. And ya gotta love Arlo Guthrie.

    Ti: Well, you know that old definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

  11. I was wondering if someone would take on this theme in depth. Thank you.

  12. That having been in my early adulthood, It was such a scary time, friends leaving, so many never coming home.

  13. Well done, Patti.
    Both my grandfathers were in WW2..
    lets hope it all end there.
    My paternal grandpa never did heal, poor man.

  14. Cal Girl: Couldn't help myself. It all seems like it was yesterday. (I'm thinking that's a sign of age. sigh)

    Dreamhaven: Same time frame for me. I was afraid to watch the news for fear I'd see a friend.

    Shakira: War takes a terrible toll on everyone, doesn't it?

  15. that's remarkable memories.
    thank you for bringing us back to old times...

    Happy Sunday!

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  17. It was a very tumultuous time, indeed
    Love Arlo Guthrie : ).


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