100-Word Challenge: Promises

This is my submission for this week's100-Word Challenge, hosted by LouCeel here.  The word for this week’s challenge is Promises.
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The tinkling calliope music of the midway swirled around her and the blazing colored lights blurred in her filled eyes.

It had been a terrible fight, a final fight.  “I’m done!” he’d spat. “Have a good life!”  Then he’d just walked off and left her there, standing alone among the carnival crowds.   

Blinking away her tears, she turned aimlessly, wondering what to do. Her eyes lit on Zoltar.
After swallowing her quarter, Zoltar’s turbaned head slowly turned her way and he dropped a card in the slot.
“Beware cotton candy promises:  sweet on the tongue, melted away in a moment.”


  1. zoltar is amazing! like his wisdom...nicely done patti...

  2. Ah, wisdom that sticks long after the cotton candy promises melt away...

  3. oohh... I liked this very much. Zoltar is wise indeed.

  4. I felt like I was right there, searching endlessly for a corndog.

  5. This Zoltar sounds very knowledgeable!
    Great work :)

  6. Brian, Tara, AuroraLee: He is indeed wise, and powerful too. He's the guy who made little Tommy Hanks "Big."

    Ti: We know that taste, don't we?

    Secret Agent Mama: Hmmm, I wonder what Zoltar would have to say about that.


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