Quite the Proper Cat

her name is Pandora
she’s quite the curious sprite
she never met a box
she didn’t quite like
but she’d want you to know
she’s a Renaissance Cat
her horizons are curiously
quite broader than that

she finds cabinets and drawers
to open on her quite daring quests
and a houseful of closets with doors
that she can easily swing
some old boxes, some old bags
- and me –
which to her I am sure
are quite the same thing

just before dawn breaks
she comes into my bed
if it’s cold or quite rainy outside
a soft paw awakens me with
a gentle tap-tap-tap on the mouth
because she knows that quite obviously
that’s where I hide

if I open up yawning she peers
in with a look not quite benign
(for hours in cat time
but minutes in mine)  
 Her face etched quite clearly in thought
her concerned eyes lift to my own
her cat brow unusually fraught

eyes wide, she stares at me intently
sending quite worried thought
waves deep into my forehead
to awaken my brain
as if demanding to know
“were you aware? do you care?
you’ve a quite large mouse
living in there.”

she takes another quick look
 quite disbelieving I trust
prim face pulled up tight
into a face of disgust
I can hear her quite well
As if she’s spoken aloud
as she says to me horrified
“you eat with that mouth?”


  1. What a perfect little Princess this Pandora is! Love the look on her face... clearly, her subjects should be in awe of her in every way :)

    Laughed out loud at the description of her disbelieving look...

  2. Beautiful cat
    Beautiful photo
    Beautiful piece
    Happy day to you, Patti.

    Often we discuss cat years vs human years. But never had I thought about a few seconds being many minutes in "cat time". Well-said, girl!

  3. haha i think my cat is schizophrenic honestly...the kitten at least ...he goes crazy when he wants out...the older one is just old and crotchity and dont dare touch her unless she wants it...this was a fun piece patti

  4. This was lovely and Pandora is a beautiful cat. And I love the print on her chair...makes for a great photo and really sets off Pandora's rich, gray fur.

  5. This is so witty...and would make a GREAT children's book!!!!! Seriously!

  6. Cats have such personality. Yours looks like it is no exception. :)

  7. Pandora is awesome, gorgeous and knows what's what. This is an utterly brilliant poem!


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