Morning Web photo by Mark Impala 
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Hidden deep within,
Out of sight and out of time,
His heart beats tentatively.

Broad chest lies like armor
Over a fragile inner self
Giving false illusions of strength.

It didn’t take much -
A few harsh words sent flying
On arrows of whispered breath

To pierce skin and bone.
Traveling straight and true,
They hit their mark in a heartbeat.

More powerful than bullets, the words
Slam into his vulnerability, pushing
Love aside to steal life.

As mourners weep and prayers are tossed
Onto his lowering casket, she hides behind  
A black widow’s veil, dry eyes on new prey.


Written for 100 Word Challenge, hosted by Velvet Verbosity.


  1. oo grisly twist there in the end...words are WMDs surely....and will kill faster than anything...and those we think love us the ones that surely wound the most...

    like comments about weight you know...hehe

  2. Wow. She drove him to death and is looking for another victim.

  3. So powerful, Patti. The image of her with dry eyes behind her veil is chilling. Love the accompanying photo, it is perfect.

  4. "arrows on whispered breath"...ouch. Words can be powerful weapons. This poem is so nicely put together. I always enjoy your word combinations.

  5. This is very well written. The images are strong and direct. I particularly like this line - 'More powerful than bullets, the words
    Slam into his vulnerability,' OUCH!

  6. That twist at the end really caught me. A powerful piece.

  7. Woah. Someone needs to put her down!

    And yay! Happy to see you!


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