I have been blogging for nearly a year. When I started, I had no idea what I was doing, and I really worried that I wouldn't have enough to say to keep it up. Turns out that wasn't a problem (anyone who knows me could have told you I seldom run out of things to say - well, maybe they'd say I never shut up, but that's the same thing, right?).

This has been a wonderful experience. Since beginning, I've "met" many great people, and made some terrific friends out here in cyberspace. 

Today, one of those friends, Jamie Dedes, paid me such an incredible honor on her blog, Musing By Moonlight that I am (almost) speechless.  Such kind words from anyone would be wonderful, but when they come from someone who inspires me so much, it is a true blessing.

Thank you, Jamie.


  1. Congrat's Patti and well deserved. Your positive attitude and bright smile are an inspiration to many....bkm

  2. rock on patti...you just keep getting better so stay at it...off to see what jamie had in store for you...

  3. Thank you both. I'm overwhelmed by your support. And blushing, even.

  4. I still don't have an idea what I'm doing!

    And, yes, your improvement is consistent and quite enjoyable.

    And I'm drinking Merlot.

  5. And Merlot makes word captchas very difficult to navigate, just so you know...

  6. Congratulations on your first year. We look forward to much more.

  7. Jeff: So, other than giving legs to the Captchas, does Merlot make you wax poetic or act like a truth serum? In either case, thank you! ;-)

    Nessa: Thank you. I appreciate that.


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