160: Desire 1, Life 0

Life has a way
Of interfering with Desire.
I want to write a 160 today.
But can’t do one; have to work.
Other deadlines must be met.

Hey look! Surprise! Desire won!


Written for Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man.  If you've got something to say in 160 characters (including spaces), come join us!


  1. I love it when that happens! Desire just has that way about it (that work will never have).

  2. Sometimes the magic works. Great 160. Thanks for playing.

  3. work vs. desire..it's almost like good vs. evil (the desire being good and work being evil). I am in same boat today...get in pool or go to work? what a dilemma.

  4. this is a clever 160 - and you know what - i always think the 160's are the hardest ones to write...

  5. lol. nice. but a truth hidden in there as well...and sometimes you have to lay the desires aside....nice 160. hope you have a prouctive day...

  6. Ha, very good! Funny how desire seems to always get its way.

  7. Tee Hee. Surprise. Good for you, Patti! :-)

    Have a good week.

  8. Thanks for coming, my friends. Putting desire aside and buckling down to work has always been a problem for me. I can't say I'm sorry it just won't go sometimes.

  9. When Desire wins, it's lovely!!! 160 is a real challenge, isn't it?! Yet somehow, it magically just happens! :)
    Like this one!! :) WOW

  10. PattiKen

    Even when you don't think you are writing poetry in your head, there it is, a surprise the words just come tumbling out upon the paper like magic, simply divine.


  11. Yeah! Goal accomplished. What a fun way to do this.

  12. Haha! Entertaining way of going about it. Good ol' desire--always finds a way.

  13. Thank U for the kind words in Joanny's blog regarding her 160 about me,
    I appreciate your openness in embrace of me, I am not perfect, am simply one of you...
    God Bless!
    Happy Monday!


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