160: Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long-Legged Beasties and...

Tossing all night
Searching for sleep.
Demons lurk waiting
My dreams to keep.

I can’t close my eyes,
For what would I see?
Nocturnal beasties
Who’d make dinner of me.


This was written for Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man.  If you've got something to say and can say in 160 characters, spaces included, go pay him a visit.


  1. That's one that would keep the kiddies up all night.

    Nice 160 Patti

    and thanks for stopping by One Shoot and gazing at Terence's Photography

    MoonDust - Smiles

  2. very very rhythmic and perfect rhyme! You have a great blog, and always full of surprises.
    Keep it coming,

  3. uh - that's a scary one - no wonder you are afraid to close your eyes…smiles…
    great flow to this piece patti - i had a lot of sleepless nights the last two weeks as well..

  4. yikes! i have had a few bad ones in my day...i dont remember many dreams these days...hmm...nice 160.

  5. Yes, there are some baddies trying to get you while you sleep. Well said 160.

  6. I didn't have monsters in my dreams early in the morning hours, but they were absolutely terrifying and weird.

    Neat 55.

    Mine is up.


  7. Oooo. Wickedly, deliciously, lovely.

  8. Funny as all get-out! That's a yankee-ism. Not sure what it actually means, but it's better than saying hell, don't you think?

  9. I like it! You know what? I think I remember these little boogers from childhood!


  10. I used to dare not to open my eyes in dark night because I was afraid of seeing a ghost under the moonlight in my room...

    a creepy and apt 160.
    love your rhyme and rhythm in your words.

  11. Somehow, even though it has an ominous feel, it makes me smile. Guess it's my sick and twisted side. Great 160 and thanks for playing.

  12. Thanks to you all for your visits and comments. beware the beasties!

    And Brian, you don't forget your dreams. You write them down in wonderful stories and poetry.

  13. Spooky...you've put me in a Halloween mood.

  14. Nicely done Patti...spooky :)
    I started to do one today about the Jabberwocky...but I got spooked ;)

    You are one of my faves !

  15. Patti:

    You set the mood for the coming fall, --Halloween was what came to mind, for we have beautiful Indian summers here in the Pacific North West, but come the end of October and the weather changes to stormy evenings creating 'drive through' images of 'Sleepy Hollow'
    Word association create such strong imagery in my head.

    NICE 160, have a wonderful ghost free Sunday

  16. Sounds like the kind of dreams my kids tell me about. I worry, sometimes.

  17. sounds like my dreams last night, in and out of restless sleep - should've just got up...

    nice 160!

  18. heheheh... I used to the exact same thoughts when I was a kid... but now, if I don't get sleep, I just blog! :)

    What an awesome 160, Patti!! Loved that image too... brr...scary!

  19. you had me a shivering and a shaking!!! and i went cute this weekend...thanks for the scares..missed it lol..cheers pete

  20. Delightful. Clever. Took me back to childhood ...Thank you!


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