The New Consume

I am an e-mail subscriber to the work of Hugh MacLeod, a very creative cartoonist and social commentator. On "Watercooler Wednesday," Hugh offers one of his cartoons for the taking, in return for a link back to his page.  I am delighted to provide that link, and to share this week's cartoon with you.

Because it's good to know you are trendy.

Be sure to visit Hugh. You won't be disappointed.  You can find him here:  Hello from Hugh


  1. hmm...definitely a shirt for thought...have never seen his work...will check it out...

  2. I am now a subscriber. I love getting things like this from my feminine side.

  3. Interesting...I'm going to have to go check him out. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the tip; I am now a subscriber.


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