160: Just Your Average Lad - or Not

Kieron likes to play soccer.
And he also likes to paint.
A sale of his paintings brought $235,000.
This lad is just eight years old.


This eight year old prodigy is being compared to Picasso and Monet.  It stands to reason he'd have some good advice for other aspiring artists.  In a recent interview, Kieron Williamson offered these morsels of artistic wisdom.

"Never give up."

"Cows are the easiest thing to paint. You don't have to worry about doing so much detail."

 "Try and keep your buildings straight."

"And don't do a plain blue sky."

Bravo, Kieron!

This is my entry for Sunday 160, hosted by Monkey Man. Have something you want to say in 160 characters, spaces included? Go tell Monkey Man here.


  1. I have seen this wonderful young artist in the news, and his work truly is amazing. Such a talent :)

  2. this really is fascinating...i was reading an article on him yesterday...amazing works...

  3. wow! this kids work is awesome!! the intent on his face barely gave me a glimpse into his remarkable talent...it's wonderful that you worked him into your 160 today :)

  4. Good Lord! Incredible artist. Ans a nice 160 ode to the boy as well :) Good job, Patti.

  5. Ans? I think I meant, And :( sorry

  6. wow - that's just amazing - can't believe a boy this age can paint like this...very nice 160 Patti - thought first you write about a boy in your neighborhood - until you mentioned the $235,000...

  7. He is a talent....a natural talent. We can only hope this skill won't be corrupted by "art education". Great 160. Thanks for playing.

  8. I love this! Great 160 and I learned something. *smiles* I'm up with my first. Did I do it right? LOL I don't know but I had fun doing it.

    Sunday 160: Almost New Room

  9. EIGHT?????? Thanks for using your 160 to share about this child and post some of his works. Wow!

  10. holy cow! um... wow! and nice 160!

  11. even more impressive than his paintings are his simple words of wisdom. great 160. I haven't seen him on the news here. Quite an eye opener. Thank you for sharing.

  12. LOVED your 160 Patti...
    This Kid Rocks!!

    ...So Do YOU!!!

  13. wow that is inspiring...and a amazing kid too....i have a gifted son and thats been hard trying to keep him on the straight and narrow and nurture his talents..cheers Pete

  14. A great 160, and a great tribute. Thanks for also posting his paintings, and his three words of advice. Just lovely.


  15. I'm so glad you came and commented. I especially like Sunday visitors. Hope you liked the croissants and coffee. Oh, wait, I forgot to share that with you. ;-)

    Search on this British boy's name and read more about him. He really is extraordinary. He started when he was four! And I read that there is a waiting list of over 3000 people hoping to buy one of his paintings.

    As my friends across the pond might say, brilliant!

  16. I had never heard of him. Such beautiful paintings! Good for him!

    Oooh, croissants and coffee...:-)

  17. I've seen this kid before - simply genius! And, like Monkey Man said, I also hope his talent isn't so corrupted. Nice 160!

  18. Good God!!! His works are brilliant!! I hope money and the other perks don't get to his brain and spoil it all..
    Thanks for sharing this here, Patti!!!
    A lovely 160!

  19. Whoooaaaaaa! What a talented little guy he is. This is the first I had even heard of him (shows you how disconnected I am from news in general). Thanks for highlighting his beautiful work and bringing a sense of wonder and amazement to this corner of the world.


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