Love in 160 Bites, Part 5

(Our story till now)

There was this old dude from Duluth
A bit grozzled and long in the tooth
He looked in the mirror
And shuddered in horror
And thought: when did I lose all my youth?

he old guy decided to travel
Before all of his parts came unraveled
So off to the Keys he went
And he got a small cottage to rent
Then to the nude beach he ambled.

There came an old gal from Chicago
Who met the old boy in Key Largo.
On the beach thy were nude
But neither were prudes,
And their eyes had gone south a while ago. 

Their attraction was quick and immense
In her eyes he was handsome and intense
So when he offered his arm
Plus all of his charm
She was smitten and had no defense.


And now, the conclusion:

They had a big summer wedding in Duluth

They’d fallen in love, that’s the truth

With no clothes and no shame

They took the same name

He got back his youth forsooth!

(The End)

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  1. Awww, Patty, this ended beautifully. If I can just mute the image a bit I'll be okay. Great Sunday 160. Thank you much for participating.

  2. smiles. and they live happily ever after...so did all the guests wear clothes? nice 160.

  3. Anything that let's us get back our youth forsooth is a good thing! Hooray for love at any age! Great and clever limericks.

  4. MM: Thanks! It was the first limerick I've ever done, and great fun to do.

    Brian: Clothes? We don't need no stinkin' clothes!

    Mary: Amen to that!

  5. This is very cool. Thought you were talking about me...up until you got to the nude part, that is. I am definitely wondering where my youth has gone.

  6. Cowboy: Welcome! Thanks for coming. I really appreciate it. I hope you'll come back often.

    Jingle: Thank you so much for honoring me!

  7. Hey PattiKen, you are now part of my official rounds!

  8. Loved it. I feel the same as The Urban Cowboy - I'm adding you to my official rounds.

  9. Cowboy & Angel: Thank you! I love visitors!


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