100 Word Challenge: Epidemic

Rx: Chicken Soup?

I'm not sure how the epidemic began.

First to show symptoms was the desktop computer. One minute it's feeling fine, the next it's moaning, ”Ow, ow, my config.sys file.” The doc said he'd be right over.

As I awaited his arrival, I brought in a less qualified temp to pick up the slack, a netbook normally used for roadwork. Before the doc even got to the house, the netbook collapsed, holding its hard drive and vomiting bogus messages and links to questionable websites (why it thought Viagra would help, I can't imagine!)

Groan.  I'm not feeling so well myself.

Update:  OK, so the desktop is home from the hospital,and is not only healthy again, but thinner (as sometimes happens after being sick).  In this case, that's not a good thing, though.  And so, I'm still not feeling so well. Seems the "doc" had to reformat the hard drive. Which means I have to reinstall every piece of software.  Arrgghh!


  1. Ha, ha, ha. You're geek is showing. (which, by the way, is just fine by me.)

  2. Shades of Sophia Loren, and 'Doctor, I'm in trouble! Oh, gooness gracious me!' LOL :)

  3. The only cure is an immediate Mediterranean cruise. Just sayin'.

    Stop. Drop. Roll.

  4. Go with that cruise idea! We're on the Adriatic and we have a guest room...

  5. oh man...i cant stand computer problems...they make me ill as well...

  6. I feel your pain and sorrow.

  7. they all turn to viagra eventually.

    hope your troubles are over now.

  8. Too funny... well, for those of us without the computer virus anyway.

  9. Lou: Sadly, every blasted word is true. (Not that isn't a geek-wannabe lurking deep within.)

    Jinksy: Boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom
    Boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom-boom-boom!

    Ti and Grandmother: Now, THAT's what I'm talking about!

    Brian & Nessa: Well, all is well now (though I don't have the "doctor's" bill yet). The desktop comes home from the hospital tomorrow, and the netbook just needed a good slap upside the Start-Up menu (I hear you laughing, Lou!).

    Goddess: I should have known!

    Tara: Now that we're all cured, I can laugh, at least until the bill comes in.

  10. cheer up,
    help is on the way...simply call or ask someone to solve the problem for you.

    Happy Saturday!

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