Love in 160 Bites, Part 3

(Our story till now))

There was this old dude from Duluth
A bit grozzled and long in the tooth
He looked in the mirror
And shuddered in horror
And thought: when did I lose all my youth?

The old guy decided to travel
Before all of his parts came unraveled
So off to the Keys he went
And he got a small cottage to rent
Then to the nude beach he ambled. 

 And now, this week's installment:

There came an old gal from Chicago

Who met the old boy in Key Largo.

On the beach they were nude

But neither were prudes,

And their eyes had gone south a while ago. 

(To be continued)

Got something to say in 160 characters, including spaces? Visit Monkey Man to play Sunday 160.


  1. This is lots of fun and very clever.

  2. I agree with Nessa! And very intriguing with the continuations.

  3. their eyes had gone south a while ago...ha. nice continuation on your 160...hope you are having a great day!

  4. A little bit of lyrical lewdness is good for the soul ... I love the episodic limerick.!Lots of fun! I'm worried about what may happen on the beach, especially seeing as modesty is a non issue for them... tee hee hee...the mind doth boggle!

  5. Nessa, 00dozo, Brian: Thanks. I'm having fun with this one.

    Lou: told ya!

    Katherine: You'll just have to tune in next week, same time, same channel. You just never know what'll happen next!

    Grandmother: Me too!

  6. You are having fun and it shows! This one fairly danced off the screen on to my desk. *grins*


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