Unspoken Fears

This is my entry for Velvet Verbosity’s 100-Word Challenge.  This week’s word is Unspoken.
And it’s also my entry for Theme Thursday.  This week’s theme is Breakfast. There’s lots of yummy fare on the table, so drop in and join us.

Unspoken Fears 


I’m afraid of the dark, she thought, but she didn’t dare to say it out loud. 
Passing though sinister shadows black as night, she knew hungry monsters were lurking close by, watching for a sign of weakness. She could feel them there, just waiting to devour her the moment she let her guard down.  
She wanted to howl in terror.  But to give voice to the fears was to give them teeth, and then, snarling and slobbering, they would rip her heart out and eat it for breakfast.  So instead, she just held her breath, and walked a little faster.


  1. WOW... Patti, you never seem to amaze me!
    I really think that there is actually no limit
    to your wonderful imaginations!

    I have yet to do mine..... still pondering...

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  2. Oooh, can't you just feel the fear? Nice writing!

  3. Patti, why have I not been around in a while???? This is great writing. Lou taunted me back into writing. So I have a little diddy posted too.

  4. Suspenseful and edgy. Just as I like it.

  5. Very scary! Interesting thought that we give our fears their teeth. That picture is spooky, too.

  6. this certaintly isn't my idea of a good breakfast. lol

    well done!

  7. Oh. I got shivers reading that. Love your take on breakfast.

  8. Oh man. Just like me when I was a kid and those monsters lived under my bed and I used to be SO afraid to get up in the middle of the night to go pee. But I was more afraid of my Dad - so I got up and went. But quickly.

  9. This is the stuff of childhood nightmares, graphic and downright scary.

    I've really enjoyed visiting and reading your blog for the last few days.

  10. i've had this feeling out running late at night...faster is better!

  11. Creepy! Love your writing!

    But..I'm loving that grey feather little birdy on your shoulder even more!

  12. Shakira: Thank you. You are always so sweet.

    Mary: Thank you. I’m glad you could feel it.

    Patsy: Thank you, Ma’am. I’m so glad Lou brought you back!

    Anthony: Coming from you, these are welcome words indeed!

    LadyCat: I think we give those scary things we can’t see especially large teeth, maybe even fangs!

    SheWrites: Hey, it may have been one of the few that wasn’t fattening. I think I put on 10 pounds just reading this week’s offerings!

    Rhoni: Thanks.

    Jessie: Yeah, huh? Thanks!

    Angie: Thank you!

    Lou: Oh, I so know the monsters you mean. I used to lie smack in the middle of the mattress, because then they couldn’t reach up from under the bed and grab me. Short arms, I guess.

    Teresa: Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it.

    Tom: Yes, somehow moving faster seems like a good idea. Maybe they can’t catch you then!

    Betsy: Thanks ! I can’t claim the cute little feathered guy as my own, I’m afraid. I was a visitor to his house, and I think he took a liking to me. (Or maybe it was the spoon of peanut butter I was holding…)

  13. Ooo... I was holding my breath while reading this. You captured that feeling of fear very well.

  14. Wonderful! I enjoyed that! Blessings!

  15. That was wonderful - a really great piece of writing! And a very interesting take on "breakfast".

  16. Scary! I like your writing style.

  17. You wrote a great piece: it makes you want to look behind you if you're reading it in the dark :-)

  18. clever take on tt....i'm thinking those hungry monsters were purple!

  19. Your Ladyship, Ziva, and Janice: Thank you!

    Marina: For sure!

    Mouse: They often are, I think.

    Thank you all for visiting!


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